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승인 2010.03.16  12:43:50
페이스북 트위터
Indulgence of Light - Dawn
Until March 23, Jeju Museum of Contemporary Art, Jeoji, Hankyung-myun, Jeju City
Artist Kim Sung Ho was selected for the 2010 New Year Invitation Exhibit. Kim portrays landscapes at dawn and the scenery of Jeju, inspired by daily life.
Admission: 1,000 won
Info: 064-710-7801

The 19th Jeju Cherry Blossom Festival
March 26 to 28, The Citizen Welfare Center at the Jeju Government Complex
Hosted by the City of Jeju and organized by the Jeju Tourism Festival Committee, the festival includes cherry blossom costume performances, cultural performances and rock music.
Info: 064-728-2754

Korea-EU Cartoon Connection 2010
March 26 to 28, Jeju Hyatt Regency Hotel The event is held to promote the joint-production of animation by Korea and the EU and to expand Korea’s export market overseas. It is expected to be attended by 60 local companies including animation producers, distribution companies and broadcasting companies, and 40 overseas companies.
Info: 02-3460-7421

The 1st Jeju International Cycling Race
March 27 to 28, throughout Jeju Island, the deadline to sign-up is March. 15
Open to anyone, cyclists can take part in either a 200-kilometer cross-country challenge on the island’s coastal roads or a hill-climbing challenge on Mount Halla. The event organizers, the Korea Council of Sport for All and the Jeju Special Self-Governing Province, estimate 3,000 participants will attend the international event from countries such as Japan, Singapore and Hong Kong, as well as Korea. Participants can sign up at the event Web site (currently in Korean only)
Registration fee: 30,000 won
Info: 02-420-5430

The 2nd Gapado Green Barley Festival
April 1 to 5, Gapa, Daejung-eup, Seogwipo City
A festival celebrating green barley, events include a walk through barley fields, farming experience and displays and sales of specialties of the region. Hosted by the City of Seogwipo and organized by the Town Committee of Gapa.
Info: 064-760-4021

The 6th Seosara Street Cultural Festival
April 2 to 4, Jeonnong-dong, Samdo 1-dong, Jeju City
The festival takes place in the areas of Jeonnong-dong where visitors can enjoy the cherry trees in blossom. Events include a walk through streets lined with cherry trees and street exhibitions of flags. Hosted by the Samdo 1-dong Citizens’ Committee and organized by the Seosara Street Cultural Festival Committee.
Info: 064-722-1035

2010 Jeju International Peace Marathon
April 4, Hallim Sports Complex, Hallim-eup, Jeju City, starts at 9 a.m. The deadline to sign-up has passed.
Events: full-course, a half-course, citizens’ course (10 km) and health course (5 km).
Hosted by Jeju MBC and organized by the Athletics Association of the Jeju Special Self-governing Province.
Info: 064-748-9021

The 28th Jeju Rape Flower Festival
April 10 to 11, Daerok Mountain area, Gasi, Pyoseon, Seogwipo City
Visitors can walk through streets of rape flowers, go ranch trekking, visit spring open markets and enjoy other entertainment.
Contact: 064-728-2754

Udo Conch Festival
April 16 to 18, Udo, Jeju
The festival program includes catching seafood, experiencing the work of female divers on Udo and competitions. Hosted by the Youth Group of the Udo Association.
Contact: 064-728-4382

The 16th Halla Mountain Clean Bracken Festival
April 17 to 18, Namjoro-byun, Sumang, Namwon-eup, Seogwipo City
The festival includes collecting bracken, a bracken cooking competition and a volleyball competition. Hosted by the Bracken Festival Promotion Committee and organized by the Department of Tourism Promotion in the City of Seogwipo.
Info: 064-760-2662

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