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Massive Projects in Line for Jeju-type New Deal
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승인 2020.12.23  11:48:09
페이스북 트위터

On November 13th, Jeju Special Self-Governing Province Governor Won Hee-ryong ordered, “to establish detailed plans for next year’s Jeju-type New Deal project, to discover additional large-scale projects, and to strengthen cooperation with the central government, business departments, and public institutions.”

“The biggest strength of Jeju Province in the New Deal sectors is the experience and capability of promoting carbon neutral 2030 for ten years,” remarked Governor Won. “The vision and role of Jeju, leading the global Green New Deal, can be emphasized to differentiate us from other regions in the early stage,” he added.

He further requested, “We have prepared the budget so that the Green New Deal project can proceed as smoothly as possible even amid the tight situation next year. Please accelerate the maintenance of related systems, such as expanding the workforce dedicated to New Deal so that next year’s tasks can be pursued in full swing.” Won also urged that, “since the project will be conducted mainly from public contests of various central ministries from 2021, it is necessary to determine whether it fits Jeju’s direction by focusing on the quality rather than the number of projects, in consideration of the financial conditions and compatibility.”

He continued, “the Planning and Coordination Office shall clearly set the direction for Jeju Province so that it can be shared by all provincial government-related agencies, and each division unit should actively identify the trends from relevant central ministries.” Won asked heads of offices and bureaus to “also consider the incentives for each business division’s effort and performance.”

“To systematically promote the Jeju-type New Deal, we must clearly designate the responsible office and bureau for each sector,” he said. “The Environmental Conservation Bureau is in charge of the Green New Deal, the Digital New Deal is the Future Strategy Bureau’s project, and the Health, Welfare and Women’s Bureau is responsible for the safety net reinforcement. Please collaborate with one another for effective operations,” Governor Won added.

In particular, “Now that we have prepared the budget plan for next year, the core tasks for each sector should be established and implemented with detailed action plans for each office and bureau. Let’s organize the overall roadmap and tasks required at each stage, and look at cases in other regions to additionally reflect elements that we missed or newly emerging tasks,” he emphasized.

The meeting reviewed the projects being promoted in Jeju Province since the announcement of the Jeju Green New Deal Comprehensive Plan on October 12th.

To be designated as a leading district for the Green New Deal, the core objective of the Jeju-type Green New Deal, Jeju Province is preparing to alleviate the output restrictions, implement energy decentralization and decentralized energy, improve systems to introduce liberalization of electricity transactions (production, storage, and sales), and suspend new registration of internal combustion vehicles.

Jeju Province has been selected in October to carry out a demonstration project on the production, storage, and utilization of green hydrogen, which transforms unused power produced from renewable energy into green hydrogen.

Also, in cooperation with the Ministry of the Interior and Safety’s public My Data* distribution system, a service that helps the preparation of civil petitions through artificial intelligence-based technology will be developed and piloted starting November.
* Public My Data: Citizens, as the agents of their own information, are provided with their own information held by administrative and public institutions in a portable and device-readable form that can be used to receive various services.

Next, by providing 5G-based non-face-to-face healthcare services to residents of islands and mountainous areas and the medically underprivileged, it will improve medical accessibility and health equity, and build a non-face-to-face medical service infrastructure to respond to COVID-19 by developing public services using 5G.

In addition, drones and aerial images will be used to establish AI learning data for six types of crops that weather the winter* in all areas of Jeju and predict the cultivation area early. This will help stabilize the supply and demand by adjusting the shipments of wintering crops.
* Six wintering crops: winter radish, cabbage, garlic, onion, carrots, broccoli

In conjunction, the project also supports the budget for the Public Data New Deal Project (business matching support), which matches administrative and public institutions in need of data construction and processing with data companies that have related technologies, with the Public Data Youth Internship Project.

Starting with the VIP- Mayor/Governors’ New Deal Conference on October 13th, Jeju Special Self-Governing Province joined the Green New Deal Expo on October 28th, the Jeju Region New Deal Forum on November 4th, and the Jeju Forum on November 6th to present cases from the Jeju-type Green New deal. It has taken one step ahead of other local governments to lead the global Green New Deal.

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