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Jeju Province to Lead Korea’s Green Digital New Deal with Smart Green City
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승인 2021.01.29  10:17:23
페이스북 트위터

Jeju Special Self-Governing Province was finally selected as the winner of the Smart Green City Competition (Problem Solving Type), one of the five major projects of the Green New Deal promoted by the Ministry of Environment.

On December 21, 2020, “Crop Monitoring and Harvest Prediction Technology using Hydrogen Drones and Artificial Intelligence” was selected as the winner in the 2021 Competition for the New R&D Support Project to Commercialize Nationwide Transportation Technologies in Linkage with Public Works, promoted by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport. Jeju was also the final winner of the Smart Green City Competition organized by the Ministry of Environment, recognized as the leading city in the Green New Deal and Digital New Deal.

Smart Green City is a project to improve the environment in various fields such as climate, water, atmosphere, and resource circulation by investing 10 billion won for two years from 2021 to 2022. The “Precious, Heavy, and Cooperative Jeju Smart -Green GO+” project, the winner of the project, aims to realize a smart green Jeju by treating spring water preciously, measuring wastes by weight, and uniting citizens together. By utilizing the cherished resources in Jeju, it will build a sustainable service model where humans and nature coexist.

Jeju Province plans to establish an integrated system that optimizes the waste collection process along with a demonstration project that measures the household waste by weight (compression). This project is expected to improve the way of treating household waste by installing and operating a heavy-duty (compression) collection box, which will significantly reduce the use of volume-based waste bags and the number of times waste collection vehicles are operated. It will also enable the monitoring of discharge and collection of waste based on smart technology. Moreover, the province plans to create an ecological park that utilizes spring water and native species to form an area where citizens can relax and experience nature.

Through a water resource circulation system and real-time monitoring infrastructure, the citizen-participatory eco park will take charge in efficiently utilizing the spring water discarded to the sea. This will present a new resource for tourism and a widely distributable model.

Through promoting educational programs to adopt the culture of upscaling—redesigning old objects or re-creating them into valuable objects, the plan seeks to boost the recycling rate of wastes. Also, it will inspire a consensus for environmental preservation through education on Jeju’s unique spring water and native species.

“Through this project, we will develop into a smart green future city that leads the world by converging cutting-edge ICT technologies with eco-friendly policies to develop a New Deal business model that brings green and digital technologies together,” said Yoon Hyeong-seok, director of Jeju’s Future Strategy Bureau.

Jeju Province had also won a silver award in the New Technology category at the 4th World Smart City Organization (WeGO) Awards with the “Super-precision Bus Location Information Service” on November 17, 2020, reflecting its prominence as a smart city in the world. Such new technologies will be applied as an expansion model in the Smart Green City project to collect and analyze data on the driving routes of waste collection vehicles and optimize the routes to reduce workforce and budget, in addition to decreasing carbon emissions.

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