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Jeju Province Development Corporation Leads Eco-Friendly Management by Expanding Upcycle Business
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승인 2021.02.14  11:59:45
페이스북 트위터

Jeju Province Development Corporation (JPDC), which produces and sells Jeju Samdasoo, announced on January 20th that it signed a four-party business agreement with Jeju Special Self-Governing Province, The North Face, and Hyosung TNC to stimulate the upcycling of transparent PET bottles.

This agreement is part of the “Return for Rebirth” project to build a resource recycling system that JPDC has been promoting since last year.

Through this agreement, JPDC will supply 100 tons of PET bottles directly collected in Jeju Province by the end of this year as high-quality recycled production materials to Hyosung TNC, which will be transformed into “regen®jeju” recycled fiber. The upcycled fiber will then be made into various eco-friendly products, such as The North Face clothing, bags, and supplies manufactured by Youngone Outdoor.

The North Face products made of PET bottles collected in Jeju will be on sale in February and include environmental messages and the Jeju Samdasoo logo. They are expected to raise consumer awareness on the circulation of resources.

Currently, JPDC is proactively engaging in sustainable management throughout the entire product cycle of Jeju Samdasoo, from eco-friendly manufacturing of PET bottles to collection of bottles to upcycling them.

Last year, it operated a resource recycling project in conjunction with Jeju Province. A total of 125 collection boxes were installed at 71 recycling assistance centers and 54 apartments to collect over 148.6 tons of discarded transparent PET bottles.

Since 2018, 16 automatic disposal and reward system for PET bottles were installed throughout Jeju at major tourist destinations, supermarkets, and Jeju International Airport, which collected an average of 11 tons per year. Last year alone, approximately 163 tons of waste PET bottles were collected, including 3 tons from fishing boats and Chujado Island through the marine waste upcycling project.

According to JPDC, after steadily promoting sustainable corporate social responsibility projects every year to solve the plastic problem in Jeju, the amount of collection has increased as citizens have become better aware of how to sort and discard transparent PET bottles.

In the future, Jeju Samdasoo plans to continue expanding eco-friendly management activities, such as promoting plastic reduction projects for local residents in Jeju and research on the development of bio PET bottles to establish a resource recycling system.

Kim Jeong-Hak, President of Jeju Development Corporation, said, “Beyond the development of upcycled clothing, this business agreement aims to deliver a message on the value of resources and circulation for the environment.” He continued, “as a leader in the bottled water industry, we will take charge in reducing plastics through sustainable business practices.”

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