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1st Round of COVID-19 Vaccines Arrives in JejuGovernor Won Hee-ryong Orders Impeccable Storage, Management, and Inoculation Process
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승인 2021.03.02  20:05:33
페이스북 트위터

AstraZeneca vaccines for 3,900 people departed from Mokpo Port and arrived in Jeju on February 25th. The vaccines were transported to six public health centers and nine nursing hospitals, beginning inoculations for citizens under age 65 on February 26th.

From the departure of vaccines from Mokpo Port to the arrival at Jeju Port, the military took charge of guarding the vaccine transport process. After arriving at Jeju Port, the 9th Brigade of the Marine Corps and the Jeju Police Agency’s security team helped transport them in the province, maintaining a distance of 5 to 10 meters from one another. The vaccines that arrived were sent to six health centers and nine nursing hospitals.

On February 26th, inoculations started at nursing hospitals and facilities for patients and staff under age 65. The total target is 3,193 people, but the assigned amount is enough to provide for 3,900 vaccinations. After the first shots are given to patients and staff at nursing hospitals and facilities, the remaining amount will be used for the secondary vaccinations.

In February and March, vaccinations will begin with persons under age 65 at nursing hospitals and facilities, then given out to workers at high-risk medical institutions, COVID-19 first responders, and staff at COVID- 19 treatment hospitals.

In the first quarter, the number of vaccinated people is expected to reach 9,819. It is estimated that there are 3,193 patients and staff at nursing hospitals and facilities, 3,551workers at high-risk medical institutions, 889 COVID-19 first responders, and 2,186 staff in COVID-19 treatment hospitals.

Jeju Province plans to confirm the consent from medical staff, 119 paramedics, and personnel involved in epidemiological surveys, quarantine, specimen collection, testing, and transfer and determine the final number of vaccinations by early March.

According to the plan, the Pfizer vaccines for medical staff at dedicated COVID-19 treatment hospitals (three locations) are expected to be delivered to Jeju in mid-March from the Central and Regional Vaccination Center.

In March, medical staff, including those at high-risk medical institutions, will begin to be inoculated in the hospital if the vaccines are supplied on schedule.

In the second quarter, the province plans to inoculate in the following order: patients and staff at facilities vulnerable to COVID-19, staff at medical institutions, and seniors over age 65. Next, it will be the turn for general adults aged 19 to 64 in the third quarter.

As mRNA vaccines from Pfizer and Moderna require to be stored at ultra-cold temperatures (-60 to - 90℃), a vaccination center will be installed at the Jeju Halla Gymnasium in Jeju City and operate a trial run.

Jeju City Vaccination Center is planned to be operated in April, although this schedule may vary depending on the government’s supply situation. To this end, one ultra-cold temperature freezer was installed on February 19th, and additional equipment required for vaccination, such as vaccine refrigerators, will be prepared by the end of February. WIthin March, the local government also plans to secure more medical staff, including four doctors, eight nurses, and ten administrative personnel.

On February 25th, Governor Won Hee-ryong visited the Jeju Public Health Center at 6:00 am to check the preparations for the COVID-19 vaccinations. He met and encouraged those who participated in the transport process, such as marines and police officers.

“The vaccine for preventing COVID- has arrived in Jeju, and the handover was completed properly,” said Governor Won. “I ask Jeju residents to be vaccinated right away so that we can overcome COVID as soon as possible,” he requested.

“Jeju Province will do its best to ensure quick vaccinations through the impeccable process control, from the storage to vaccination to management,” said the governor.

He continued to explain that despite the strict guidelines for vaccine transport and management, we cannot rule out the possibility of unexpected problems. “In such an event, we will disclose this situation honestly and respond vigorously to prevent the same problems from occurring in the future.”

Since one vial includes enough amount to vaccinate ten people, the province is preparing specific vaccination measures to vaccinate everyone in the province without any waste.

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