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Jeju Olle Foundation Launches Saturday Hikes for Expatriates
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승인 2021.05.24  11:35:36
페이스북 트위터

- Jeju Olle Foundation newly opened a group hike program “Wander Jeju on Foot” guided in English for expatriates in Korea
- Participants will be hiking highlight sections of the selected routes representing Jeju Olle Trail

▲ Photo=Jeju Olle

Jeju Olle Foundation (Chairperson Suh Myung Sook) runs weekly guided walks titled "Wander Jeju on Foot" in May and June for foreign residents in Korea. The program is intended to familiarize first-time hikers with Jeju Olle Trail. While hiking specially selected sections, participants can obtain useful tips for exploring the trail and interesting information about Jeju Island from English-speaking Gildongmu, experienced and trained trail mates affiliated with Jeju Olle Foundation.

Wander Jeju on Foot program has two itinerary options repeated biweekly. Program type A travels Jeju Olle Route 10, the most beloved route by both domestic and foreign hikers. Starting from Hwasun Golden Sand Beach near the southwest area of the island, the day hike traces the coastline that has geologically unique features such as the layered cliffs of Yongmeori Coast and double craters at Songaksan Mountain. Reaching the two thirds point of the route, the trip ends at the formerly Altteureu Airfield where the scars of Japanese colonial rule still remain vivid.

Program type B portrays serenity of rural landscape in northeast Jeju. Walking along the first half of Jeju Olle Route 19 in the morning, participants can encounter turquoise sea at the two neighboring coastal villages of Jocheon and Hamdeok. The tourists will move to Seongsan in the afternoon to visit the renowned Ilchulbong or Sunrise Peak, a UNESCO World Natural Heritage site. Then a short distance's walk on Route 1 is left to finish the day out at Gwangchigi Beach. Program B includes some touristic aspects for those who want to experience both the natural and touristic part of Jeju.

Wander Jeju on Foot is launched as a response to rising demand for on-foot tourism among expatriates visiting the island. Jeju Olle Foundation revealed its expectation that foreign participants will discover the true charm of Jeju Olle Trail through the program which integrates the nature, culture and local community of the island. Furthermore, the group hike will provide in-depth experiences of how to enjoy the most from the trail.

Wander Jeju on Foot will take place every Saturday until June 26th. After two months' intermission during July and August, the program will resume in the fall season. Registration fee is 28,000 won per person with lunch, transportation, and entrance fees to tourist sites included. Reservation should be made by the day before the program date. Booking and detailed information is available on Trazy website.

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