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Halla Ecological Forest Renovated into an Eco-Tourism Landmark
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승인 2021.08.12  17:03:08
페이스북 트위터
▲ Halla Ecological Forest

Halla Ecological Forest in Jeju Special Self-Governing Province has completed a project to improve its convenience facility to expand its role as a space for conservation of biological resources and forest recreation culture.

Halla Ecological Forest was formed on damaged and neglected wild grasslands by restoring the original forest. Now, it serves as a place of healing for visitors, as well as an educational center for Jeju’s natural ecosystem with everything from temperate plants to the alpine flora of Hallasan Mountain.

To introduce new attractions to Halla Ecological Forest, Jeju Province invested 320 million won this year, focusing on planting trees and upgrading convenience facilities for visitors to create a safe and relaxing place.

In response to growing interests in leisure activities in forests amid the COVID-19 situation, the Forest planted colonies of herbaceous flowers and trees that transform wonderfully in each season to help visitors alleviate their mental and physical fatigue from the pandemic.

In the Hallasan rosebay-themed forest, known as one of the hidden gems in this site, 480 trees were additionally planted to prepare for visitors who flock here in May every year to appreciate the dark pink flowers. A 50-meter flower tunnel of rosebays was also created to showcase the beautiful scenery.

The Forest also formed a moss garden of 5,700㎡around the circular plaza, which presents a view of the mystical green world all year round, and a photo zone consisting of Jeju native plants will debut with this renewal.

On the hills around the King cherry-themed forest, about 20,000 Jeju surprise lilies were planted so that the flowers could be seen in August every year. Also, 125 Asian fringe trees were planted in the Wildflower Garden to create a landscape covered with white snow on the green trees.

Halla Ecological Forest replaced the 46m² Braille blocks with elastic paving materials for the convenience of vulnerable walkers such as people with disabilities. It also repaired 1km of old palm mats on the general trail and Sutmoreu Forest Trail to promote the safety of visitors.

“We are seeking various changes to relieve fatigue and increase the happiness index of our residents through forest experience activities in this COVID era,” said Director Moon Gyeong-sam of the Environmental Conservation Bureau of Jeju Province. “We will do our best to establish the Forest as the top eco-tourism attraction by continuously improving the proliferation and restoration of native plants and upgrading the visitor facilities,” he added.

Meanwhile, as of the end of June this year, the number of visitors to Halla Ecological Forest was 123,000, a 24% increase compared to the end of June last year (99,000).

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