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Jeju Museum of Art to Hold 3rd Jeju Biennale in 2022
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승인 2022.07.04  10:10:53
페이스북 트위터
▲ The art work displayed at Altteureu Airfield during the last Jeju Biennale in 2017. This year’s biennale is the first to be held in five years due to the impact of COVID-19.

The Jeju Museum of Art in Jeju Special Self-governing Province announced that it would host the 2022 3rd Jeju Biennale from November 16 to February 12, 2023 across ten locations centered around the Jeju Museum of Art and Jeju Museum of Contemporary Art.

The theme of the 3rd Jeju Biennale is “Flowing Moon, Embracing Land,” starting by artistically examining alternative ideas in the expanding discussion on the new geological era of the Anthropocene era.

The exhibition theme, “Flowing Moon, Embracing Land,” contains a message regarding the attitude in life and artistic practices for the survival of humanity in a symbiotic relationship with nature.

“Flowing Moon” encapsulates the inherent properties of time and change within nature, expressing the mechanism of ceaseless circulation that links all entities. The advent of the recent pandemic in the age of AI has highlighted not only the necessity of solidarity through science and technology, but also the order of nature to ensure harmonious coexistence across the planet. The temporal aspect of nature that sustains vibrant life by creating set periods in the relationship between the sun and the earth was captured in the concept of a moving, flowing moon.

“Embracing Land” implicitly conveys a vivacious sense of relational modesty among entities that breathe within nature. As a part of nature, humanity witnesses the history and mythology created by matter, which also lead to other planets, and must focus on the movements of the earth as a physical geological layer, a temporal space and a historical location. As such, the concept of “embracing land” embodies the behavior and prospect of living matter that lead to even breaths and flexible steps.

Under such conceptual themes, this year’s biennale recommends viewers to recognize various entities including nature, humanity, mythology and the universe as equals, and experience the encounters, resonance, communication and coexistence of such entities. This is in reference to the notion that the time in which the moon flows and the moments in which the earth responds enables the instant moments and near-eternal future of humanity as a natural community, just as we step on the earth to walk and deeply inhale the air to breathe.

The 3rd Jeju Biennale will be held across more than 10 exhibition spaces across the entirety of Jeju from the old downtown area of Jeju-si to the island of Gapado in the south of Jeju, centered around the themed exhibition spaces of the Jeju Museum of Art and the Jeju Museum of Contemporary Art.

▲ Jeju Museum of Art

❍ Jeju Museum of Art
Representing Jeju’s art and culture, the Jeju Museum of Art is a key venue and themed exhibition space of the 3rd Jeju Biennale, utilizing the entire museum for the exhibition, including both the interior exhibition rooms as well as the outdoor park.

❍ Jeju Museum of Contemporary Art
- Located at the heart of Jeoji Art and Cultural Practitioners’ Village in the mountainous area of Jeoji-ri, which is known for its well-preserved and beautiful natural environment, the Jeju Museum of Contemporary Art will be used as a themed exhibition space for the 3rd Jeju Biennale alongside the Jeju Museum of Art.

❍ International Peace Center Jeju
- Located amid the blessed natural environment of Seogwipo, International Peace Center Jeju is a location that portrays Jeju as the World Island of Peace. It embodies the message of ensuring peace while being free from various threats, and it will be used as a satellite exhibition space for the biennale.

❍ Gapado
- As the fourth largest among the component islands of Jeju, Gapado is located between the Jeju mainland and Marado, the southernmost point of Korea. The island is located among other islands, around 10 minutes from the Jeju mainland by boat. Gapado Artist in Residence is located at Gapa-ri 12, Daejeong-eup, Seogwipo-si, Jeju Special Self-governing Province (, comprising an international residency established as part of the regional restoration project to find a creative space that provides an opportunity for artists to immerse themselves in their work amidst a beautiful natural environment. In 2021, the Jeju Foundation for Arts & Culture took over its operation from Hyundai Card, and the institution will be used as a satellite exhibition space for this year’s biennale.

In addition, the biennale will present various secondary events such as performances, curator symposiums and art convergence forums. In particular, it aims to faithfully practice the original purpose of the biennale by expanding the discourse of the times into a community-based practice through a public program focused on the act of walking, breathing and reading, which is open to all.

Art Director Park Nam Hee commented, “We aim to create an opportunity to artistically contemplate the inherent viability given to humanity by nature in Jeju, a land of healing that has written its mythology and history as a natural community,” and added, “Through this biennale, we will present a venue of art that experiments with the cosmic magnanimity of the moon and the natural resonance of the earth in order to allow all entities to coexist together.

Participating artists consist of around 60 artists and teams of artists from 16 countries, including Kang Yiyun, Kim Juyeong, Park Gwangsoo, Park Hyung-geun, Choi Sun, Yoon Hyangro, Zadie Xa, Rachel Rose, Wangechi Mutu, Rirkrie Tiravanija, and Ting Tong Chang.

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