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Jeju’s slogans: effective or defective?The Jeju Weekly seeks your views on the three big government slogans in an online survey
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승인 2010.08.29  14:35:42
페이스북 트위터
Jeju Special Self-Governing Province is promoting three slogans in keeping with a campaign to promote the island to people around the world as an attractive tourist, environmental and economic area.

The Jeju Weekly is seeking your input about the meaningfulness and effectiveness of the following slogans.

1) “Only Jeju”: This slogan was launched last year and is the first new Jeju Provincial Government slogan/logo/design in 40 years.

2) “Jeju Free International City”: After a change in the law in 2002, Jeju City became a “free international city” as a first step in the province’s larger objective to attract overseas investment. This project is run by the Jeju Free International City Development Center (JDC).

3) “The World Comes to Jeju, and Jeju Goes to the World”: Jeju’s new provincial government took the helm on July 1 of this year. This slogan is part of the new administration’s initiative.

We’d really like your input. It’s a very short, informal survey that can be done anonymously — but if you choose, you can leave your contact info and we’ll put your picture and quotes in the newspaper.

In a few weeks we’ll print the results, voice your concerns and pass on your recommendations to the provincial government. Please tell your friends.

The link:

Here is a sampling of anonymous comments left on our survey thus far. Thanks to everyone who participated. We hope you’ll take the survey as well.

“Only Jeju”

“There are many unique aspects to Jeju that can be emphasized with this slogan. Only Jeju has the highest mountain in South Korea. Only Jeju has the special history and dialect of the island. Only Jeju has the wonderful volcanic landscape. Only Jeju has beaches, mountains, tourist resorts, and rural landscapes all within easy and quick reach of each other.

See, it works!”

“Jeju Free International City”

“What’s ‘free’ about Jeju?”

“I think many people are confused about what that slogan is supposed to mean. I, for one, at first assumed it would indicate an open border, ease of travel or a highly diverse population, but Jeju seems no more heterogeneous than many other Korean provinces. It does not communicate any specific intent or reality of the government’s role within Korea or a broader context. The closest to ‘international’ and ‘free’ most people witness is the prevalence of duty-free goods.”

“It communicates information but not effectively — that is, I have always thought it conveyed an inaccurate picture of Jeju as a city. Jeju is not a city. Jeju City is a city but Jeju itself is something very different. The purpose of using that word was to suggest Jeju as belonging in a category of international cities that includes Hong Kong and Singapore. The purpose was to attract international investment based on relatively (for Korea) beneficial conditions.

Reasonable choice of words in this case, ‘city,’ but not realistic in real competition with those two megacities.

Korea, too, has many investment zones with tax benefits, etc.”

“The World Comes to Jeju, and Jeju Goes to the World”

“The first part makes sense to me for people from around the world do visit Jeju, but ‘Jeju goes to the world’ makes no sense at all to me. I cannot think of any ways that this culture openly explores other cultures aside from learning English as a step to success in school. I cannot think of ways that Jeju or it’s people go to the world.”

“This slogan, I believe, is targeted domestically as much as it is outwardly. Seen in that context, it may have value in turning the minds of the Jeju people more towards tourism than agriculture and fishing. But, to outsiders it doesn't mean much, does it?”

“It gets the idea of cross-cultural sharing across nicely, but, coming from Insignificant City, North America, I had never heard of Jeju before I encountering the ESL world. (Whether that is a failure of my education or advertising doesn’t really matter.) I wonder if the slogan would have more meaning for other Asians.”

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