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Charity run draws foreigners and locals alikeThe 3rd Beautiful Jeju International Marathon starts Oct. 17
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승인 2010.09.18  19:05:53
페이스북 트위터
▲ Runners from last year's event. Photo courtesy Jejusori

The 3rd Beautiful Jeju International Marathon, which will be held on Sunday Oct. 17, draws foreigners and locals alike to run for a good cause. Among the participants, Song Kyung Tae — a visually-challenged politician, famous for his participation in the South Pole Marathon — will run again this year. Song has been named as an official ambassador for the charity race.

Hosted by local online newspaper Jejusori, the Beautiful Store and Foundation, along with support from the Kim Man Deok Foundation, the marathon is a charity race in which 50 percent of the entry fees collected will be donated to struggling families in Southeast Asian countries such as Vietnam and Malaysia.

Jung K. Chul, dean professor at the Graduate School of Tamna University and organizer of the marathon, comments that this sort of charity run is rare due to the fact that so few runners can enjoy a route with the island’s diverse elements of nature from a seaside view, on mostly flat roads, to gently rolling hills.

“Unlike many marathons Jeju offers, this is [the] only charity race on Jeju and that’s why this race is called ‘beautiful,’” said Professor Jung. His future plan is to invite more foreign residents living on Jeju to participate as well as foreign marathon runners, either professional or amateur, from neighboring countries such as Japan. He hopes that this race will become “truly international and truly beautiful.”

▲ Race organizer Jung K. Chul. Photo by Yang Ho Geun

The marathon’s course begins at Kujwa Life Sports Park, Jeju City, and follows Jongdal Coastal Road, located on the northeast side of the island. Participants can choose to run 5km, 10km, or take part in a half or full marathon. The marathon will start at 9:30 a.m. with an opening ceremony at 8:30 a.m.

It is recommended that all participants arrive at the location earlier to ensure adequate time for warm-up and baggage check-in. There will be race patrols and staff wearing inline skates present on the day of the race. All participants will be given their participation certificates within 7 days of the race.

For prizewinners, the awards ceremony begins at noon for 5km and 10km participants; 2 p.m. for half and full marathon participants. Anyone 18 or older can participate in 10km, half and full marathon, while the 5km has no age limit.

Last year, as many as 2,000 amateur and professional runners turned up on the day to test their limits and raise money despite the threat of a SARS epidemic. More than 20 million won was donated to both homeless families experiencing economic difficulties and victims of annual Asian floods.

Applications are being accepted through Sept. 31. To apply, visit and click “For foreigners” on the upper-right corner of the website to download and fill out the foreigner registration form.

Registration forms can be submitted to The entry fee is 15,000 won for 5km; 20,000 for 10km; 25,000 for the half; and 30,000 for the full marathon. The fee should be wired to the following bank holder- Jeju Bank (제주은행) 08-01-200421, and account holder is JejuSori (제주의 소리).

Contact information: Tel. 064-747-7688, Fax, 064-747-7688, email:, website

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