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English speech contest earns Jeju students a trip to New York
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승인 2009.08.03  17:44:51
페이스북 트위터
▲ Lucky – and hard working – winners in the Fifth Jeju Peace Forum’s English Speech Contest receive their awards from Han Tae Guk, the head of Jeju Peace Institute. Photo courtesy Jeju Peace Forum

Ten Jeju high school students and nine middle school students met in the final round of the Fifth Jeju Peace Forum’s English Speech Contest July 19, at the Jeju Student Cultural Center. There they competed for a coveted first prize of a six-day trip to New York City including a visit to the United Nations headquarters.

First place winners were: Su-Yeon Lee (Hanlla Middle School) and Gyu-Yeon Jung (Namnyeong High School).
Second place finishers received a five-day trip to Bangkok, Thailand, where they will visit the United Nations headquarters for the Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP), the largest of five UN regional commissions worldwide.

Second prize winners were: Gun-Yeong Kim (Seogwipo Girls’ Middle School) and Seung-Chan Kim (Jeju Middle School); Hee-Won Hyun (Shinseong Girls’ High School) and Bi-Pa Park (Jeju Foreign Language High School).
Third prize winners received an electronic dictionary, and other contestants earned an MP3 player for their participation.

Third prize winners, two from each group, were: Yeo-Jun Lee (Jeju Dong Girls’ Middle School) and Da-Hye Oh (Jeju Jungang Girls’ Middle School); Eun-Woo Hyun (Jeju Jungang Girls’ High School) and Jong-Eun Lee (Jeju Girls’ High School).

The contest is held every two years in conjunction with the Jeju Peace Forum, a major international gathering of prominent diplomats, academicians and journalists from Asia, Europe and North America, scheduled this year for Aug. 11-14.

Besides publicizing the upcoming Peace Forum, the speech contest promotes peace education and encourages students to develop and broaden their international perspectives.

Hosted and organized by the Jeju Peace Institute (JPI) and sponsored by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, the Jeju Special Self-Governing Province and the Provincial Office of Education, the contest attracted 44 entrants for the preliminary round on July 5.

For the preliminary contest students prepared five-minute speeches on topics involving world peace, cooperation and harmony in East Asia and unification of the Korean peninsula. Finalists presented five-minute speeches on one of the following topics: The UN and World Peace, Peace and International Cooperation, and Peace in East Asia.

After presenting the prepared speech, each contestant spoke extemporaneously on a randomly selected topic related to family or friends, school, travel, future plans or personal interests. Combined scores of five judges determined the winners.

All the winners have been invited to attend the Fifth Jeju Peace Forum at the Haevichi Hotel where Ban Ki-Moon, UN secretary general is set to deliver a keynote speech. They will have a chance to hear and possibly meet some of the distinguished participants at this year’s Forum, the theme of which is Shaping New Regional Governance in East Asia: Vision for Mutual Benefit and Common Prosperity.

After the forum concludes, the contest winners will embark on their trips to New York and Thailand, accompanied by JPI staff members
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