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Meet the teamA look inside Jeju Island’s only English newspaper
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승인 2009.10.05  12:49:28
페이스북 트위터
Left to right standing, Kim Gyong-ho, Jonathan Starr, Darryl Cootes, Nicole Erwin, Stephanie Reid. Left to right sitting back, Kim Yun-ae, Jenie Hahn, Arielle Ballou, Song Jung-hee, Tina Janssen. Left to right sitting front, Cat Lever, Carey Seward, Yasmin Aboelsaud, Veronica Fortune. Photo by Cat Lever

Travel writer Bill Bryson once wrote: “To my mind, the greatest reward and luxury of travel is to be able to experience everyday things as if for the first time, to be in a position in which almost nothing is so familiar it is taken for granted."

Most of us are but visitors to this island; explorers of forest paths and mountains, brightly lit streets of neon and serene village roads. It is not this country or the people of this island who are foreign- it is us, and everything, from arriving atop Mt. Halla breathless and with our legs trembling, to offering a greeting to the owner of our favourite kimchi jigae restaurant, is an experience to be treasured.

For the writers of the Jeju Weekly, it is from within this spectrum of varied experiences- the ordinary to the extraordinary- that they draw their inspiration. Amazing experiences deserve more than to be merely remembered; they should be shared.

The Jeju Weekly was founded in May 2009; its purpose to offer English-speakers on Jeju an informative and entertaining publication that would not only help them with everyday things but also show them what opportunities and experiences are available to them. Copies of the paper are also sent to schools, embassies, universities, businesses, and organisations in 25 countries around the world; in order to raise Jeju’s profile within the international community.

Jeju Weekly writers have travelled to every part of the island, hiked the oreums and walked the Olle trails, perused the galleries and museums, harvested their own green tea, created their own persimmon clothing, interviewed people from school children to artists, to ambassadors and state senators.

The team consists of Publisher Song Jung-hee, Executive Editor Kim Gyong-ho, Managing Editor Cat Lever, Office Manager Kang Sang-ho, Planning Manager KimYu-nae, intern Yang Ah-young, designer Yoon Seung-un and of course, the team of dedicated freelance writers and photographers. This strong team of like-minded people, who value exploration and creativity highly enough to sacrifice their free time, are only one part of the process in creating the Jeju Weekly.

For each issue, a shortlist of articles is put together featuring a good balance of story topics. These include: tourism, culture, arts, history, education, and business; as well as environment, sport and community stories. These are then assigned to the writers and the research process begins. As little information is available in English, interns get to work translating material and pass it on to the editor and relevant writer. Interviews, visits and events are scheduled, press passes are requested, tickets purchased and meetings planned.

Once the writers have finished their stories the editor begins preparing them for publication. This takes almost three days to do, but once it’s upon finishing that the real hard work begins.

The lay-out and design of the paper is important; it needs to be fresh, varied, appealing and easy to read. Stories are positioned, photos chosen and captions added before the designer concludes his task with a flourish of artistic creativity. Once lay-out finished, the final version is sent to the printing house. The next day, the latest issue of the Jeju Weekly is born.

Once a month, the team has some time to relax and get together for dinner; usually at a local Korean restaurant. It’s a good chance to get together to talk about the new issue and discuss ideas for the next one.

The Jeju Weekly is lucky to have such a strong team of like-minded individuals. Together they work towards to sharing information about our beautiful home, reveal hidden island gems and unique aspects of Korean culture, and let the world know just how special Jeju Island really is.

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