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Community Calendar: Issue 12 (Oct. 28 -)
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페이스북 트위터
World Boxing Council
Jeju Ramada Hotel, near Top-dong, Jeju-si
Nov. 1– Nov. 7
There will be a World Champions autograph session on Nov. 1, plus a number of interesting events, and competitive matches. World famous boxers will participate in heavyweight title matches, held on the night of Nov. 6.
Info: 064-742-1215,,

Chusa Culture Festival
Oct. 30
Kim Jung-hee’s place of exile, Daejung-eup, Seogwipo-si
There are many traditional cultural events and activities through which to admire the sprit of Kim Jung-hee, also known as Chusa after the unique style of calligraphy he created. He also painted the masterpiece Sehando, during the time he spent in exile.
Info: 064-794-3089

Happy Land Opening Ceremony at Jeju Race Park
Nov. 1
Jeju Race Park, Aewol, Jeju-si
Happy Land consists of a horse-themed Rest Zone, Nature-learning Center, Heart Pond, Magic Pony, and Horse-themed Golf Course. The opening ceremony will offer a Happy Land photo contest, Heart Pond special event for couples, Eulalia horse-riding trekking, quiz contest called Happy Land Sponge, and many others entertaining activities.
Info: 064-741-9114,

Free Medical Check-ups, Counseling
Oct. 30-31
Jeju Immigration Office
Foreign residents will be able to get free medical check-ups and general counseling.
Info: 064-722-0080

2009 Jeju Global Foreign Language Festival
Oct. 31
Halla Gymnasium, Jeju-si
A number of educational events and activities are planned, including an English quiz competition for children, a debate contest, English drama presentations by highschool students, and foreign language games.
Info: 064-741-7722 -

Second special exhibition at Jeju Museum of Art
A Walk Toward Time- Oct. 13– Feb. 28
Picture book illustrations- Oct. 20– Feb. 28
Da Vinci's Dream- Oct. 31– Jan. 31
Free admission for the period of June 26–Dec. 31
Info: 064-710-4300,

Jeju Port Exhibition: In the Memory
Oct. 1- Oct. 31
Photo gallery images of nature (former Gashi elementary school), Gashi-li, Pyeoseon-myeon, Seogwipo-si
Photographer Seo Jae-cheol shows unique aspects of Jeju’s ancestors’ relationship with their port.
Info: 064-787-3110,

The 9th Moseulpo Yellowtail Festival
Nov. 5– Nov. 8
Moseulpo port, Daejung-eup, Seogwipo
Visitors will be able to try catching fish by hand, as well as the more traditional way. In addition, a number of yellowtail dishes will be presented, and sampling corners will be set up at which to taste the fresh fish.
Info: 064-794-8032

Jeju Tangerine International Marathon Festival
Nov. 22
Starts at 9:30am
The race starts at Jeju Sports Complex and passes by Yongdam Leports Park, Iho beach and Sinumri along the seashore. Many tourists and local people can participate in events, such as singing contests, a tangerine piling contest and face-painting. Free samples of oranges, tangerine coffee and Jeju black pork, will also be available.
Info: 064-750-2521,

Hands-On With the Djembe
Every Sat. through Nov. 23
Museum of African Art, Deapo-dong, Seogwipo-si
Visitors are offered the chance to try the djembe, a West African traditional drum, and to learn the Cucu- a traditional Senegalese folk dance.
Info: 064-738-6565

The 1st Global Jeju Business Convention
Nov. 27– Nov. 29
Lotte Hotel Jeju, Jungmun Resort Complex
Jeju’s commerce and industry professionals will meet in the aim of enhancing relations between industry areas.
Info: 064-748-0246,

Exhibition of Jeju’s woodcraft
Oct. 12- Dec. 12
Jeju Stone Park
Around 50 woodcraft implements are displayed, including writing materials, agricultural implements, and lamps made of wood. They provide people with an insight into Jeju’s culture and the wisdom of the island’s ancestors.
Admission fee: Adults 5,000W, children 3,500W
Info: 064-710-7755,

Women’s Traditional Clothes Exhibition
Through Dec. 12
Jeju Folklore and Natural History Museum
Visitors to the Jeju Folklore and Natural History Museum can view a display of traditional women's clothes, and ornaments from the island.
Admission fee: Adults 1,100W, children 500W
Info: 064-710-7689,
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