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Amusements galore at Seriworld
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승인 2009.11.12  13:35:15
페이스북 트위터
▲ For a day of thrills that will keep the family on the edge of their seats Seriworld is the place to be. With an exhilarating balloon ride reminiscent of a Jules Vern novel, a Go-Kart track that quenches one’s need for speed and a 3-D movie house, Seriworld will not disappoint. Left, photo courtesy Seriworld. Right above Stephanie Reid, right below Seriworld

Anyone who has attended a soccer game at the World Cup Stadium in Seogwipo may have noticed the hot air balloon rising over the lip of the stadium. This balloon is the main attraction of the Seriworld Adventure Park, which lies 100 meters east of the stadium and is easy to find if you simply follow the hot air balloon to its source. Seriworld also offers a Go-Kart driving track and a collection of 3D movies to entertain the entire family.

A hot air balloon ride is an adventure that many dream of and for most, manifests childhood fantasies of explorers traveling high over seas and the ride is certainly an exciting activity for anyone who longs to fly. The balloon has regular flights throughout the day about every 30 minutes with up to fifteen passengers. The first flight begins at 6:30 am and the last flight is at sunset: 5:40 pm. After purchasing tickets (24,500 W for adults, 17,500 W for teens, and 1000 W for children), passengers are loaded into the basket, ready to get a bird's eye view of the scenic surroundings.

The balloon is 30 meters tall and is tethered to the ground with a long cable. Passengers settle into a donut-shaped area within the basket which affords ample space to view the ground. The passenger area is netted off on both sides, completely enclosed, and feels very safe and contained. Although slightly nerve wracking for those who don't like heights, the ride is fairly smooth and calm with the only jerky moment occurring when the basket leaves the ground. Once the full height of 150 meters is reached, passengers are treated to a magnificent view of Seogwipo.

From that height, the view is clear and the mountain dressed in autumn foliage, the ocean, the small islands, and the stadium nearby are a sight to be seen. The view is quite magnificent and matched by the feeling of freedom that comes with soaring high through the sky with the wind in your hair. Most people spend the ride taking photos of the countryside and the ocean while the tour guide gives a thorough description of the view in Korean. After 15 minutes, the balloon slowly floats to Earth and deposits the passengers safely back on the ground.

Once back on solid ground, what could be better than to juxtapose a calm, classic, balloon ride with a fast, heart pounding, high-speed adrenaline rush of a go-cart race around the SeriKart Go-Cart track. The Go-Carts, found directly beside the hot air balloon, are essentially simple race cars with engines in the back, a seat, seat belt, and a large, low metal frame. The carts can reach surprisingly high speeds considering their simple construction. The price is 24,500 W for adults.

The cart is simple to drive, operated by merely a gas pedal, a brake and a steering wheel. Adults can also bring a child in a special side car. Once the attendants rev the engines, the Go-Carts are ready to go. There is a 20 minute time allowance to cruise the twisted track. The course is lined with tires so even if the worst happens, the car is bumped to a stop and an attendant comes to the rescue. The only disappointing part of a SeriKart Go-Cart ride is the end. Action photos of drivers are available of at the exit, so drivers should be sure to smile.

The SeriWorld Adventure Park also has three different animated 3D movies playing at various times throughout the day. There is also a hedge maze adjacent to Seriworld to get lost and found in. There is a snack shop and a covered picnic area for resting and getting out of the sun; a perfect place to reflect on the exciting experiences the park offers.

Head down to Seogwipo from Shin Jeju on the 600 Airport limousine bus and get off at the Seogwipo E-Mart to find a land of adventure.
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