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Jeju Health Care Town to play a pivotal roleJeju is emerging as the Northeast Asian ‘Hub’ for medical tourism
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Medical tourism is a new form of travel where vacationers cross international borders to obtain medical services, while enjoying resorts, leisure, and cultural activities. Upon evaluation Medical tourism was seen as having international appeal, and Korea has selected to pursue this opportunity as one of its new economic growth engines.

The reason why Jeju is gaining attention as a medical tourist destination
Korea is planning to increase the number of foreign medical tourists from 15,000 in 2007 to 120,000 in 2013, and 300,000 in 2018. Jeju has gained much attention, due to this ambitious goal. This proposed aim was conceived because it is believed that Jeju, with its gorgeous natural environment, temperate climate, and many entertainment venues, is a prime candidate to flourish as an international medical destination. It is expected that since Jeju Island already has a foundation for tourism, and with its well-equipped medical infrastructure, it could be the most competitive medical tourist destination in Korea. Jeju has good accessibility from China, Japan, and Southeast Asia. This geographical condition is pointed out as a big advantage for Jeju Island to succeed in medical tourism.

Who is leading Medical Tourism in Jeju?
Consequently, in order for Jeju Island to have competitiveness in the industry of medical tourism, stable medical service infrastructure has become a significant issue. At this juncture, ‘Jeju Health Care Town’ has attracted attention. Jeju Health Care Town, pursued by Jeju Free International Development Center (JDC), is a residential-type theme town connecting medical service and resorts against the backdrop of Jeju’s pristine nature. Jeju Health Care Town will be established on the area of 1,518,411㎡ in Seogwipo City, Jeju with the project amount of $667 million USD. Jeju Health Care Town will consist of three parts; Wellness Park, Medical Park and Research and Development Park. Wellness Park, the first phase of construction, is set to be completed in 2011.

Jeju Island, actions taken to become a medical tourism business
Jeju Special Self-Governing Province is actively pursuing to secure internationally competitive medical agencies and medical industry in addition to Jeju Health Care Town. Jeju Special Self-Governing Province is planning to give various incentives to the medical industry with the investment amount of more than $5 million USD. Even though company tax would differ in accordance with development companies and moving-in companies and would range from a minimum of 25% tax to maximum 100 % tax for 2-5 years upon business launch. Registration tax, acquisition tax, and property tax would be exempt for 10 years upon business launch (15 years for foreign investment companies). Experts from Korea and abroad said that “Medical tourism is a new business attracting international attention, so if Korea can attract foreign medical tourists, it can grow as the ‘golden-eggs business’.”

An official at JDC said that “Upon completion of Jeju Health Care Town, Jeju Island will boost as the hub of medical tourism in Korea and lead the high value-added medical tourism industry. With this momentum, we can secure exceptional qualities and competitiveness of Jeju tourism contributing to local economy.” While Jeju Health Care Town will give Jeju Island the momentum to become the ‘Medical Tourism Hub of Northeast Asia’, Asian countries such as Thailand, Taiwan, Singapore, and Malaysia are keeping a keen eye on this project.

What is Health Care Town?
Top-class medical and resort complex combining specialized health care program, high quality medical service, and tourism resources of Jeju

Project goals of Health Care Town
1. Establishment of specialized Jeju-style medical tourism infrastructure to attract rapidly increasing medical tourists from Korea and abroad

2. Contribution to local economy by developing into a ‘Medical Tourism Hub’ through the core project of Jeju Special Self-governing Province; medical complex combining tourism (resort), medical service, and R&D

Overview of Health Care Town Project
 Location : Topyeong-dong and Dongheung-dong, Seogwipo-City, Jeju Special Self-governing Province
 Total Area of the Site: 1,518,411㎡/Land compensation ratio- 42.7% (as of June 2009)
 Project Amount: Approximately $132 million USD (JDC-$132 million USD, Private investment-$535 million USD)
 Method: Recreation Facility Establishment Project in accordance with Law of National Land Usage and Management
 Project Period: 2008-2015
(Step 1: 2011, Step2: 2013, Step 3: 2015)







Step 1


Wellness Park


Development of Medical & Resort Complex which specializes in health care and resort


-Health Care Center, Tellaso Resortel, Water Park, Health Science Hall, Accommodations


Step 2


Medical Park


Medical Complex for high-tech medical service and residences

-Speciaized hospitals (college hospitals), Medical Street, Retirement Community, Long-term Care Town   

Step 3


R&D Park (Research & Development Park)


Medical Research Complex for bio-medical research and specialized medical research 

-Medical R&D Center, Anti-aging Center, Rehabilitation Training Center, Government Research Center 



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