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Global Jeju Business Convention paves roads to the future of JejuIn the first convention of its kind, Jeju businessmen ban together in the hopes of creating a stronger more economically viable future for Jeju
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Hosted by the Jeju Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the 1st Jeju Global Business Convention will be held Nov. 27-29 at the Lotte Hotel Jeju, in Jeju-si.

With the theme for the convention being, “global Jeju businessmen, you are the power of Jeju,” it is no surprise that the aim of the gathering is to create a global network among Jeju businessmen with the purpose of continuously bettering their native home land. 600 Jeju born businessmen, 350 that currently reside upon the island, while the other 250 businessmen live abroad and in different cities on the mainland, will convene to converse and share issues, opinions and ideas concerning the development of Jeju.

One of the focal points of the discussions will revolve around the untapped resource of recently graduated college and university students who are eager to work, but who often look to bigger cities like Busan or Seoul, for jobs. Creating job opportunities for this highly educated, young and enthusiastic demographic will be an important topic at the convention as well as trying to invent new ways to attract investments, foreign and local, for the future of Jeju.

Also, along these same lines special forums will be held, such as the “Jeju employment forum,” and the “Young business leader’s forum.” The purpose of which, being to produce practical contributions for Jeju. In addition, the convention itself expects to act as a means to attract investments from various sources.

There will be segmented committees for the convention such as the Local Economy Committee, the Construction Committee, the Small and Medium Enterprise Committee, the Tax and Financial Committee, the Logistics Committee, the Tourism Committee, and the International Commerce Committee, etc.

The convention draws significant attention from the media and Jeju civilians, due to the fact that it is the first convention of its kind to ever be held with the sole purpose of bringing Jeju businessmen together to collaborate and seek business avenues that will propel Jeju forward.

Hyun Seung-tak, Chairman of Jeju Chamber of Commerce and Industry, said that “1 million Jeju people will make a global network for Jeju.” He said that “Jeju has neglected those who are living in foreign countries, especially those who living in Japan and contributed a lot to their mother country Jeju. Their help indeed has become the backbone of Jeju development.” He added that “one of the purposes of the convention is to thank them for what they have done for Jeju.”

Chairman Hyun further stated that “unity and collaboration among Jeju people, especially for younger generation, is critical and the convention will work hard to provide stepping stones for the unity of the future generations.”

Jeon Yoon-chul, former Chairman of the Board of Audit and Inspection, and Shin Young-ha, professor at Ewha Women’s University, will deliver keynote speeches.

Song Jae-ho, professor of Jeju National University and former President of the Korean Culture & Tourism Policy Institute, is orchestrating the whole convention as the chairperson of the organizing committee. The convention is expected to produce a declaration including proposals and resolutions for both the participants and for Jeju.

Prof. Song was keen to emphasize that “the era when property, capital, or machine leads to future success is over, nor is a development model where only one capable man takes lead.” “A new future emerges from capable talents, and their expertise through improving an interactive process of building the network and knitting the network to create economic opportunities,” added Prof. Song.

Famed Jeju-born guests will also give special lectures on their lives and success stories at the business convention. The non-businessmen guests include Koh, Doo Shim, a well-known celebrity; Kim Young Kwan, former Jeju Governor; Kim Jae man, former professor of Kyoto University; and Suh Myungsook, Jeju Olle’s founder.


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