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Hidden treasures in Samyang-dongFor travellers who want to tour without all the tourism
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승인 2017.01.06  10:48:02
페이스북 트위터
▲ Samyang Beach at night Photo courtesy The Jeju Weekly

Initiatives like the Samhwa District Development Project have made Samyang-dong a potential area for population growth on Jeju. Currently around 8,000 families and 21,000 residents call Samyang-dong home. It’s a place where agriculture and fishing share an equal amount of space and importance.

Most people love this area because of its black sand beach. However, for anyone interested in history, this neighborhood also offers several secluded sites that provide a glimpse of Jeju’s prehistoric cultures.

Samyang-dong also boasts Jeju’s one and only pagoda, as well as the “Great Wall” of Hwanhae, which protected Jeju in ancient times.

For people who want to enjoy nature, consider climbing Wondangbong to see the marvelous views at the top; and for anyone who wants some coffee, the Jeju Coffee Plantation is a caffeinated Shangri-La!

Join us on a mini-tour of this fascinating district!

▲ The Samyang-dong Prehistoric Site Photo courtesy The Jeju Weekly


The Samyang-dong prehistoric site is a large-scale excavation which has about 230 dwellings that were occupied between 100 B.C. to 100 A.D. There are indoor and outdoor exhibition halls. The indoor exhibition hall displays artifacts, as well as explaining various materials connected with the site. The outdoor exhibition hall preserved the original shape of several pit-houses and pillar holes. Fourteen restored pit-houses reveal the lives of Jeju people during the prehistoric age.

Location: 13, Seonsa-ro 2-gil, Jeju-si

▲ A Five-Story Stone Pagoda Photo courtesy The Jeju Weekly


When you go to Wondangbong, you’ll find a small street which leads to Bultapsa Temple. Go up the road and into the temple where you will hear the constant sound of birds singing. A humble yet beautiful stone pagoda resides here, nestled in the bosom of the forest. It’s the only stone pagoda in Jeju and, according to oral tradition, it was built as a monument of hope for the birth of a son for Emperor Sun of the Yuan dynasty in China, circa 1300.

Location: 41, Wondang-ro 16-gil, Jeju-si

▲ Looking at the sea from the top of Wondangbong Photo courtesy The Jeju Weekly

Wonderful Wondangbong

The Wondang Oreum, also known as “Wondangbong”, is located near Samyang Beach. The shape of the hill looks like a turtle climbing into the ocean. It’s 170 meters high and you can see the ocean easily from its crest. It’s a short 15 minute trip from the Samyang Terminal bus station.

Location: San 1-1, Samyang 1-dong, Jeju-si

▲ The Hwanhae Great Wall Photo courtesy Jeju City Hall and Jeju Cultural Heritage Institute

A Very Good Wall

The Hwanhae “Great Wall” was built during the Koryo Dynasty as part of the Mongolian invasion of the Korean peninsula. Local residents and “Sambyeolcho”, or special military units from the Koryo dynasty, worked together to fortify the island with this 280 meter structure built in 1270 to defend Jeju against the fabulous hordes of Ghengis Khan.

Location: 2622-1 Samyang 3-dong, Jeju-si

▲ Jeju Coffee Plantation Photo courtesy The Jeju Weekly

Jeju Coffee Plantation

It’s the first coffee plantation in Korea! The owner planted the initial seeds in 2008 so the trees have been growing for almost ten years now. For people who want to enjoy a fresh cup of hot java, the coffee shop at this farm is a place of perfection. But be careful. Although the farm is only five minutes east of the Samyang Elementary School bus station, it can be a little hard to find. Check your navigation app before you go! Here is a map. Click here!

Location: 404-4, Iljudong-ro, Jeju-si

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