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What to do in April on JejuRemembering 4.3 and blossoming flowers in April.
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승인 2017.04.03  14:49:54
페이스북 트위터

April on Jeju is a time of mixed emotions. The start of the month sees the 69th anniversary of 4.3 and a number of events have been organized to remember the tragedy.

This contrasts with the flower festivals that come with the start of spring. Whatever you choose to do, here are a number of events and ideas for things to do that will happen in Jeju in April.

Learn about 4.3

This April will be the 69th Anniversary of the 4.3 massacre.

If you want to gain a greater understanding of the events that happened during this time, one of the best places is undoubtedly the 4.3 Peace Park.

At this park/museum, you can learn about the events that took place before and during the massacre, as well as visit the official memorial.

Exhibition: Jeju 4.3 exhibitions

There will be a number of exhibitions held at various art galleries around the island for the anniversary of 4.3.

Two of the biggest will be held at the Jeju 4.3 Peace Park and the Jeju Museum of Art.

Jeju 4.3 Peace memorial Hall: The day blowing wind, then Jeju (March 24 - May 31)

Jeju Museum of Art: The April 3 Fine Art Archive: 30 Years in Struggles for Recollection

Take in the island’s cherry blossom

Always a highlight of Jeju’s spring calendar, the Cherry Blossom Festival takes place at the start of April.

While the cherry blossom doesn't last long (especially if it rains), due to the different temperatures found in different parts of the island, there is a fairly long period of time where you can view these flowers.

This year, the main events will be held at Jeonnong-ro in Jeju City and also at the entrance to Jeju National University. There are, also, many other spots throughout the island where you can see the trees in full bloom.

The festival will start on Friday, March 31 and will run until April 9. As the University entrance is at a higher altitude than the city, the trees there usually bloom a little later so perhaps head there if you plan to visit the festival later in the season.

Information about this year's festivals: 2017 Jeju Cherry Blossom Festival

▲ Cherry Blossom on Jeju Photo courtesy The Jeju Weekly

Visit a food truck

Now the weather is starting to improve, it’s time to try some of the delights of Jeju’s outdoor cuisine. Recently, the number of food trucks on Jeju has increased rapidly.

The Shrimp Box is one of the originals, while Cheesus has recently taken the eastern side of the island by storm with its giant blocks of melted cheese.

Whichever one you choose, these exciting spots are great places to enjoy some delicious foods in the Jeju spring.

▲ Cheesus's giant slab of Jeju Photo by The Jeju Weekly


For those looking to take in some music, Jeju's Indie Bar will revive the spirit of Kurt Cobain for a night of rock.

This event, to be held on April 8, will see some of Jeju’s finest acts take to the stage to put their own take on Nirvana classics.

The event will start at 9pm and there will be four different acts playing throughout the evening.

Try a different take on Jeju black pork

While when most of us think of black pork, we usually think of fatty cuts of meat sizzling on a BBQ. However, this isn't the only way to enjoy Jeju's pork.

At Tonkatsu 서황, in Aewol, they use this delicious locally reared meat to fill their tasty tonkatsu.

Review: Tonkatsu 서황

▲ Tonkatsu 서황 Photo courtesy Justin Ferrell

Lotus Lantern Festival

The lantern festival is a yearly event held in preparation for the Buddha’s birthday celebrations.

This year the festival will be held on the April 22 at the stadium near Jeju City Bus Terminal. There will also be a lantern parade that travels down Jungang-ro from City Hall to Tapdong.

Jeju United games

Jeju United have a number of home games this month before the stadium is used for the U-20 World Cup in May. The games in April will be:

April 11, 8pm vs Adelaide United (Asia Champions League)
April 16, 3pm vs Gangwon FC (K League)
April 22, 3pm vs Daegu FC (K League)
April 30, 3pm vs Suwon Bluewings (K League)

▲ Photo courtesy Jeju United Football Club

Where to see canola flowers

Jeju’s other spring flower should be in bloom for much of the month. Here are some of the best places to see Canola flowers.

Viewing Jeju's canola flowers

▲ Photo courtesy Jeju Tourism Organisation

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