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See the sights of Jeju City with the number 30 busThe number 30 bus stops at places such as Halla Arboretum and the Five Day Market.
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Are you tired of driving? Are you fed up with making lists of places you need to visit? Well the number 30 bus is here to help. On this bus you can travel to several famous places on the island, such as the Halla Arboretum, the Five-Day Market, and Dongmun Market for a mere 1,200 won (1,150 won if you have a bus card).

Interested in knowing more? Then please read on!

Number 30 Bus Route

Halla Arboretum -> Jugong 4-geori -> The Five-Day Market -> Shingwang 4-geori -> Ora 3-dong -> Samdam Post Office -> Seomun Market -> Tapdong Seaside Amphitheater -> Dongmun Rotary -> Sarabong -> Ohyun High School -> Humansia -> Samhwa District


(Right click on the picture then choose "Save-as" to see the timetable. The timetable is correct as of May 17, 2017)

Halla Arboretum

▲ Halla Arboretum Photo courtesy Halla Arboretum

This respite from city life is itself really rather busy. Two million people visit the 2.8 billion won, 20-hectare park and its many themed gardens. Opened in 1993, it was designated a nature preserve and research center managed by the Hallasan Research Institute in 2000.

It’s a great place to decompress from the urban experiences on the island, and if you’re there when the sun goes down, keep your eyes open - you may be one of the many people who spot the small deer that enter the arboretum at dusk.

The Jeju City Folk Five-Day Market

▲ Jeju Five Day Market Photo courtesy Jeju Toursim Organisation

This particular Five-Day Market has a 100 year history. It has shared the happiness and the sadness of this island’s people and is the biggest and most vibrant five-day market in Jeju. It opens every 5th day - usually the 2nd, 7th, 22nd, and 27th of every month.

When it’s open on a weekday it will attract some 10,000 shoppers. On weekends, 20,000. Make sure to visit the Grandmother Market Zone which is designated specifically for vendors aged 65 and over.

Seomun Market

▲ Seomun Market Photo courtesy Jeju Tourism Organisation

Seomun Market is located to the west of the Gwandeokjeong Pavilion in Jeju City and it is a great place to eat some local Jeju meat and fish. You can enjoy Jeju’s celebrated juicy black pork and beef low prices. The unique point about the market is that you can simply choose a cut of meat at one of the butcher shops inside the market and then have it brought to a nearby restaurant for a delicious barbecue with side dishes (10,000 won for four people, plus the cost of meat).

Dongmun Market

Dongmun Market is the largest permanent market in Jeju City and it sells fresh agricultural products, as well as fish and meats at low prices. As a center of commerce in Jeju City, this daily market was included as part of Olle Course No. 17.

Jungang Underground Shopping Center

It’s Jeju’s No.1 shopping center and it’s located at the heart of a market. It’s the only large shopping mall on the island, with a total area of 3000 pyeong (10,000 square meters) and has 378 shops. Products you can find here include clothes, accessories, make up, and shoes. Visitors to the underground shopping center are sure to find something that piques their interest.

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