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Complication Resolved: How to Navigate through Domestic Flight
폰트키우기 폰트줄이기 프린트하기 메일보내기 신고하기
승인 2019.07.07  20:40:40
페이스북 트위터

01 | Must-have item: Personal Identification
You cannot fly without a photo ID (passport). Until now, Koreans were able to board the plane if they print their resident registration at the unmanned kiosk at the airport. However, you must have an ID card in July.

02 | Arrive at the airport at least 1 hour before, check-in 30 minutes before departure
Though it is more lenient compared to international flights, which recommend to arrive at the airport at least 2 hours and 30 minute beforehand, you shouldn’t take too much time if you are departing from Jeju Airport. As Jeju Airport is filled with visitors all year round, you must arrive at the airport at least one hour before departure time and complete check-in at least 30 minutes beforehand. If the flight is in the evening, you may want to hurry even more. Please note that check-in is not possible at all 20 minutes before departure time.

03 | Watch out for batteries and lighters
One of the biggest problems at the airports in Korea nowadays is batteries. The common cell phone auxiliary batteries cannot be included in checked baggage. Since 5 batteries below 100Wh and 2 between 100-160Wh are allowed onboard, don’t forget to take them with you onboard. However, batteries installed inside devices such as laptops or cameras can be in the checked baggage if it is below 160Wh. You need to be more careful when China is your destination or the transit airport. Only two lithium batteries can be carried onboard. Lighters and electronic cigarettes can only be carried onboard, so smokers must keep those in mind.

04 | Don’t worry about liquids
You might have an experience of packing your cosmetics into small containers for overseas trips, or drank water quickly or threw it in the trash bin in front of the security screening. Passengers often continue this practice and try to pack liquids in their checked baggage on domestic flights in Korea, but there’s no need to do that. Unlike international flights, you can carry liquids such as beverages and cosmetics on domestic flights.

05 | No knives, scissors, or butane gas
Some things are banned on both international and domestic flights. Items that may threaten others, such as knives, scissors, and golf clubs cannot be carried onboard. Paint, butane gas, burners, and other flammable or explosive items are not allowed onboard, either.

06 | Bikes, surfboards, and pets
Sporting goods and pets, which are bulky or require attention, must be inquired at each airline. In the case of pets, the number of animals that can be loaded in the baggage compartment per aircraft varies. Make sure to call and confirm with the airline before making flight reservations. Depending on the weight, additional charges may apply. Though most airlines allow pets less than 5kg (including the pet carrier) onboard, and those heavier ride in the cargo, T Way Airlines allows up to 7kg in the cabin. Arrive a little earlier than usual to go through the procedure in advance.

07 | Enjoy Jeju’s Nature in Jeju
Jeju prohibits unauthorized removal of seven kinds of preserved resources such as natural stones, volcanic debris, sedimentary rocks, tuff rocks, weathered shells, black sand, and groundwater in accordance with the Resource Preservation Management Ordinance under the Special Act on Jeju. You may only transfer them with permission, and if you are caught while unlawfully exporting them, you may be imprisoned for up to 5 years or fined up to 50 million won. Let’s enjoy the beautiful nature of Jeju only in Jeju.

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