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Special Admission Procedures for Foreign Immigrants Informed from Incheon Airport
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승인 2020.07.20  13:08:07
페이스북 트위터

The Jeju Special Self-governing Province is focusing on guiding special admission procedures from Incheon International Airport, the gateway to the nation, to strengthen the preventive measures and speedy diagnosis of COVID-19 for overseas immigrants coming to the Province.

On June 10th, Jeju has confirmed the status of the preliminary guidance on special arrival procedures through the Incheon International Airport’s special site inspection and has been cooperating with institutions related to overseas entrants on informing special arrival procedures.

This is due to the cases of overseas visitors, including the 15th confirmed patient in Jeju, arriving without passing through the walk-through screening clinic at Jeju Airport.

Thirty people, 9.4% of 317 overseas visitors who arrived in Jeju from June 1st to 10th, visited the public health center in the jurisdiction of their home address for diagnosis, even though they can quickly be diagnosed at the walk-through screening clinic at the airport.

Accordingly, to guide all overseas entrants to Jeju to quickly receive COVID-19 diagnostic tests at the airport’s walk-through screening clinic, an official letter to request cooperation was sent to Incheon Airport Corporation on May 31st. On June 10th, an on-site inspection team was organized to conduct route confirmations and hold meetings with personnel in charge of disease preventive measures at the Incheon International Airport.

The on-site inspection team interviewed officials, police officers, quarantine stations, and quarantine taxis related to the management of overseas entrants at Incheon International Airport. They confirmed that some of the overseas entrants to Jeju are being informed by government guidelines, which advises them to be “tested within three days at a health center of their jurisdiction.”

Accordingly, Jeju Province relayed relevant promotional materials and completed practical consultations to related personnel at the Incheon International Airport for them to explain the special arrival procedure, including information on the walk-through screening at Jeju Airport, to the entrants whose destination is Jeju.

Considering all situations in which the entrants who have completed the quarantine process receive information during their way out to the arrival area, the Province has completed cooperative agreements with institutions of on-site workers, such as Incheon Airport Quarantine Station, Incheon Airport Corporation, Incheon Airport Police Station, and quarantine taxi operators to Seoul.

If overseas entrants want to move to Gimpo Airport or health centers in Seoul, they can take the COVID-19 safe taxis, which will be disinfected at their own expense.

Jeju Province is operating a three-way quarantine network management system that leads all entrants to receive temperature screening at the airport, walk-through screening clinic, and checking diagnosis from health centers to prevent the influx of COVID-19 from abroad and minimize blind spots. The government is strengthening the monitoring of all entrants who have a history of visiting overseas.

As a result, the diagnoses and isolation of the 10th and 12th Jeju patients quickly completed as their specimens were sampled from the walk-through clinic at Jeju International Airport immediately after arrival.

Also, to prepare for overseas entrants who do not go through the walk-through screening clinic, the list of foreign entrants are obtained beforehand through a self-quarantine safety protection app, and they are guided to be tested through a public health center of their jurisdiction.

-Even the 13th and 15th confirmed patients who did not pass through the walk-through clinic at Jeju Airport were immediately guided to undergo COVID-19 diagnostic tests through a public health center, during the process of checking for overlapping tested cases at the walk-through after securing a list of foreign entrants.

“The quarantine measures, including the special entry procedure, is an obligation, not something voluntary,” said Disaster Safety Countermeasures Control Officer Im Tae-bong. “We request the active cooperation of those who have visited abroad and are planning to enter Jeju in the future in our special entry procedure and to quickly conduct diagnostic tests at the walk-through clinic provided at Jeju International Airport.”

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