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Jeju Architecture Festival Examines the Future of Architecture in the Age of COVID-10
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승인 2020.09.13  16:32:09
페이스북 트위터

The Jeju Architecture Festival, which celebrates its 16th event this year, will be reduced to a non-face-to-face online conference to accommodate the COVID-19 situation. The festival will also consider the role of architecture in the age of coronavirus.

Jeju Architecture Festival 2020: Hyperconnected Society, hosted by the Society of Jeju Architects under Korea Institute of Registered Architects, the Jeju Branch of Korean Institute of Architects, and organized by the Jeju Architecture Festival Organizing Committee, was held on October 30th.

Jeju Architecture Festival, which has spread architectural culture through various events, has undergone a major revision to reflect the COVID-19 outbreak situation this year. International architectural forums, children’s drawing contest, architectural tours, and film screenings are all canceled. The remaining events, including the pre-festival event, opening ceremony, and seminars, will be filmed and broadcast online.

The theme, “Personal Space in a Hyper-Connected Society,” aims to predict how the traditional architectural space will change in a “hyper-connected society” where daily life changes rapidly through technologies such as IoT (Internet of Things), IoE (Internet of Everything), and smart cities.

The pre-festival event is a workshop with Jeju university students who major in architecture. They will share stories about personal spaces that have changed and will be changed due to hyperconnection. It will be held on October 10th from 2 pm to 6 pm as a real-time video conference.

The opening ceremony will be broadcast live on October 30th from 3 pm to 5 pm. As the pre-ceremony event, the grand prize winners for the Completed Architecture Award and the Jeju Architectural Culture Award will be announced. At this event, congratulatory speeches, words of encouragement, and awards will be given. On the day of the opening ceremony, the works of winners for Korea Architecture Awards will be displayed on the website of the Jeju Architecture Festival as image files. It will introduce alongside the winners of architectural awards from Japan’s Okinawa, four cities and provinces in Korea, and the photo exhibition hosted by the Society of Jeju Architects.

The architectural seminar, which will also be released through the festival’s website on the opening day of the festival, has the theme, “The Change of Architectural Space in the Post-COVID19 Era.” The seminar will be filmed in early September, edited, and released on October 30th. Professor Lee Yong-gyu of Jeju National University, architect Yang Hyeon-Jun (Sohun Architects and Planners), and architect Ko Seon-yeong Ko (Foryou Architects Office) will participate in the discussion. Pre-festival events, architectural seminars, and exhibitions will be introduced through the upcoming festival website and YouTube channel.

The host institutions are holding a contest for the Jeju Architecture Culture Awards. Submissions for the completed building category will be accepted until September 29th, and the architectural photo category will be received until October 14th.

Inquiries: Society of Jeju Architects Secretariat 064-722-3248

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