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You/Us Hotel is perfect for visitors to the ICC JejuYou/Us Hotel offers great service and ocean views in a location close to the ICC Jeju
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페이스북 트위터
▲ You/Us Hotel Photo courtesy You/Us Hotel

This is an advertorial for You/Us Hotel in Jungmun.

You/Us Hotel is situated in the center of Jungmun, within walking distance to the ICC. It is clean, affordable and has some spectacular views of Jeju’s southern coast as well as an outdoor terrace where you can enjoy a morning coffee.

The hotel was built last July. If you are attending a conference it takes around 10 minutes to get to the International Conference Center on foot or three minutes if you take the hotel shuttle bus.

If you have time during your conference to take in some of the sights of Jeju, You/Us Hotel is perfectly situated in Jungmun, one of the most popular tourist locations in Jeju. In fact, there are plenty of places to see within walking distance of the hotel.

▲ Cheonjeyeon Waterfall close to You/Us Hotel Photo courtesy Jeju Tourism Office

First off, is Cheonjeyeon Waterfall. Cheonjeyeon is a three tier waterfall. It is 22 meters high and, depending on rainfall, up to 12 meters wide.

The area surrounding the waterfall is well known for its biodiversity and it is home to more than 450 plants including two that are indigenous to Jeju.

A little further away is Daepo Jusangjeolli Cliff. The cliff, with its unique, almost perfectly formed hexagonal columns, towers 20 meters out of the ocean and runs for 2 km along the coast, making for a beautiful yet short coastal walk.

▲ Daepo Jusangjeolli Cliff Photo courtesy Jeju Tourism Office

If you fancy a longer stroll, Olle Trail No. 7 starts near to Jungmun and is easily accessible from the hotel. This trail is 13.8 km long and takes in some of Jeju’s finest coastal views.

A recent problem that has affected many of the hotels around Jeju is that of the decreasing number of Chinese tourists due to the deployment of THAAD in Korea. However, Kim Dong-ho, general manager of You/Us Hotel, said that they have been relatively unaffected.

“Recently, due to the THAAD issue, there has been a huge decrease in the number of Chinese tourists on Jeju. This has caused financial problems for many hotels. However, You/Us Hotel hasn’t seen much of a decrease in visitor numbers.”

“Approximately 30% of our customers are foreign tourists. However, rather than being big group tours, most of them are traveling on their own and have their own plans in mind. Many of our customers are conference participants who like the price, hotel service and accessibility to the conference venues.”

▲ Room with a view Photo courtesy You/Us Hotel

Aware that many of the visitors to these conferences don’t get the chance to experience much of Jeju, Kim decided to open a restaurant selling a very Jeju specific type of food. Their new restaurant “Samsam” is a black pork barbecue restaurant that sells the highest standard of pork.

The restaurant has another unique selling point, the fact that they sell wine to go alongside their barbecue!

You/Us Hotel have had many happy customers, this is a review left on the website’s website:

“I booked my room at You/Us Hotel without knowing much about it. I love how clean and modern the hotel is as well as its service and kindness. Earlier in the trip, I had booked a hotel near to the airport. Compared to that “hotel”, You/Us Hotel is like a five-star resort. The hotel is clean and the staff were friendly and kind. Since it is in the center of Jungmun, there are many tourists attractions and restaurants within walking distance of the hotel.

The entrance to the hotel is at the end of a road with a traditional market. However, despite being unassuming, when you arrive at the hotel you will feel something a bit special.”

Interview with Mr. Park, the hotel’s Executive Manager:

On the hotel building

“When we built the hotel we wanted to make it as eco-friendly as possible. Because of this, we used many eco-friendly materials in the design of the hotel.

We wanted to make the rooms as spacious as possible while keeping them affordable for our customers. We also wanted to make the most of the sea views provided by the hotel by putting in big windows so you can clearly see the view.”

On the hotel’s service

“We train all our staff to be able to provide as comfortable an experience as possible to the hotel’s guests. We want our guests to remember their stay in our hotel fondly so they can recommend it to their friends.

Many of our customers are attending conferences in the ICC. Because of this, they are often quite busy and often can find it hard to get around if they don’t speak Korean. Our staff are trained to make their stay as comfortable as possible.”

On the hotel’s name

“The hotel is called You/Us Hotel because we want to make our hotel as welcoming as possible. When people stay in our hotel, they become like members of our family.”

Address: Jejudo Seogwipo-si Cheonjeyeonro 178-gil 21 (Jungmundong)

Phone: 064-733-7500, fax 064-733-7501
Room Type
Deluxe (twin, double, family twin, family Ondol)
Suite (Corner, and the “You Us” suite)
Breakfast Service Available

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