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A walk in the woods
An autumnal tradition
Delving across Jeju's interior
Jeju Jungmun Resort — something for everyone
The fiery genesis of Jeju’s inner core
NGO seeks to activate Jeju youth
When Koh Eun-Kyoung first went to Sri Lanka in 2003 as a Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) volunteer, she was met with quizzical looks — people wondered why she was going. She admit
Geotrail opens in northeast Jeju

Geotrail opens in northeast Jeju

Jeju Tourism Organization (JTO) opened Jeju's third geotrail on Oct. 25th at Gimnyeong-ri and Woljeong-ri. The villages were selected due to their unique agricultural, fishing, and folk cultures insp
Volcanic activity at Darangshi 10,600 years ago

Volcanic activity at Darangshi 10,600 years ago

The World Heritage Hallasan Research Institute has announced that Darangshi Oreum is at least 10,600 years old after radiocarbon dating soil found below volcanic debris about 2.1 k.m. north of the ore
Hotels and guesthouses to showcase art

Hotels and guesthouses to showcase art

2014 Jeju Art Fair, Seom, Sseom and Sam (“Island, Love and Life”) opens from Nov. 7 to Jan. 31 at several hotels around Gwandeok-ro, Jeju City.There is also a three-day project from Nov. 7 to 9 in boo
Jeju to get even smarter

Jeju to get even smarter

Governor Won Hee-ryong announced the Jeju Smart Island Plan to the Convergence Industries Foundation Seminar to develop Jeju into a world-class smart island. The event on Aug. 28 saw experts in ICT an
Record number of EVs to be on Jeju’s roads

Record number of EVs to be on Jeju’s roads

The governor of Jeju Special Self-Governing Province, Won Hee-ryong, has pledged to increase the number of electric vehicles (EVs) used for both public transportation and private use on the island. Wo
Sausage signals traditional marital bliss

Sausage signals traditional marital bliss

Traditionally, marriage was not so much a ritual between a man and woman to sanctify a loving partnership, but actually the formalization of a contract between families. While this tradition has waned

Autumn Fusion Music Concert at Jeju Mokgwana

**This event has been postponed due to rain** Autumn Fusion Music ConcertFusion of Korean and western sytles in a traditional settingInvitation for 100 citizensOct. 31, 6 p.m.Jeju Mokgwana, 25, Gwande

Winners declared at youth environmental forum

The five best proposals at the 2014 International Youth Cyber Environmental Forum received prizes on Oct. 22 from the Ministry of the Environment and Jeju Special Self-Governing Province.Team ASURA (P

A walk in the woods

Would you like to take a walk in the woods?Jeju has quite a variety of forest walks on offer. From 'gotjawal' to 'recreational forest', there's sure to be something to please every taste and mood

The 5-day Market is different from other markets

* This article is written by a Korean middle school student.If you want to feel Jeju’s traditional mood and buy something cheaper than the prices of E-mart or Lotte Mart, you should visit the 5-day ma

Tamna Culture Festival shows Jeju's traditions

* This article is written by a Korean middle school student.The Tamna Culture Festival is held every year for the purpose of sharing and educating the Jeju residents and foreigner about the history of

Haenyeo, people we should know and preserve

* This article is written by a Korean middle school student.There are many traditional things in Jeju we must preserve and pass on for the next generation and one of most important things is Haenyeo c

2014 Jeju International Experimental Arts Festival

The 13th Korea Experimental Arts Festival (KEAF) expanded to Seogwipo, Jeju, for the first time last year. The Hongdae annual experimental arts festival with 100 artists from 15 countries was such a s

2014 International Day of Peace: “Jeju, Walking on the Peace Trail”

On Sept. 20 in Jeju City, “Jeju, Walking on the Peace Trail” was held with 500 participants starting at Gwandeokjeong Pavilion and walking through Old Jeju City to hope for global peace.The organizers

MICE and sports abound on Jeju

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Russian class expansion for tourist market

To improve services for Russian tourists local authorities are providing Russian language classes for employees in the tourism industry. The classes are being held three times a week over four months

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