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Picking Jeju’s tangerine crop
Jeju City day tours
Jeju’s seas are quite a catch
A walk in the woods
An autumnal tradition
The haenyeo business model
How do the haenyeo do business?The diving women have a shared system of profit typically known as common-pool resource, common property-based method, or cooperative economics.This system, by "eochong
New Golden Bus needs polish

New Golden Bus needs polish

Jeju Golden Bus City Tour made its first ever departure from Jeju Welcome Center on Tuesday Nov. 11 in an attempt to improve tourist bus services on the island. Twelve departures per day will leave Sh
2014 Jeju Seomun Market Global Festival

2014 Jeju Seomun Market Global Festival

2014 Jeju Seomun Market Global Festival"60th Anniversary Feast, Come and Enjoy!”Seomun Market, Seomun-ro, Jeju CityFriday, Nov. 28 to Sunday, Nov. 30Events include live music, Jeju language classes,
Latest from The Jeju Weekly #125

Latest from The Jeju Weekly #125

We hope you enjoy the latest from The Jeju Weekly #125 with photography, sport, culture, literature, tourism, geology and more!Cover shot from Kim Jingi in the 6th Jeju International Photo Competition
Happy Jeju memories competition

Happy Jeju memories competition

Through its official “Happy Jejudo” social media platforms, Jeju Special Self-Governing Province is holding a winter event to increase communication with residents.From Nov. 17 to 28 SNS users are bei
Jeju tops Korean Ark of Taste list with 6 more

Jeju tops Korean Ark of Taste list with 6 more

Six traditional Jeju foods received Ark of Taste certification on Oct. 14 by the Slow Food Foundation for Biodiversity. There are now eight local foods on the list out of 28 nationally.The foundation
M-pass links Jeju and Seoul

M-pass links Jeju and Seoul

Jeju province is set to release a special transport pass for international visitors in December to ease inconvenience when using public transport as visitor numbers continue to increase. The passes wi

An interview with Kim Han-wook

* This article is written by a Korean middle school student.Kim Han-wook, chairman of Jeju Free International City Development Center (JDC), spoke about the JDC’s projects and Jeju development in an i

MICE Card tabled for visitor transportation

Jeju Convention and Vistors Bureau has plans to introduce a “MICE Card” to be used for public transportation on the island.The card will make it easier for MICE visitors to travel around the island, e

Jeju MICE industry sets future plans at meeting

Jeju Convention & Visitors Bureau its second Jeju MICE Alliance Meeting of the year for 2014 on Oct. 23 at Jeju Welcome Center. MICE Alliance members from hotels, airlines, tour companies and conferen

2nd Asian Marine Biology Symposium held on Jeju

The 2nd Asian Marine Biology Symposium was held at the Ramada Plaza Hotel Jeju from Oct. 1 to 4 under the theme, “Toward Blue Sea, Asian Seas in a Changing World.”The symposium follows in a long tradi

Autumn Fusion Music Concert at Jeju Mokgwana

**This event has been postponed due to rain** Autumn Fusion Music ConcertFusion of Korean and western sytles in a traditional settingInvitation for 100 citizensOct. 31, 6 p.m.Jeju Mokgwana, 25, Gwande

Winners declared at youth environmental forum

The five best proposals at the 2014 International Youth Cyber Environmental Forum received prizes on Oct. 22 from the Ministry of the Environment and Jeju Special Self-Governing Province.Team ASURA (P

A walk in the woods

Would you like to take a walk in the woods?Jeju has quite a variety of forest walks on offer. From 'gotjawal' to 'recreational forest', there's sure to be something to please every taste and mood

The 5-day Market is different from other markets

* This article is written by a Korean middle school student.If you want to feel Jeju’s traditional mood and buy something cheaper than the prices of E-mart or Lotte Mart, you should visit the 5-day ma

Tamna Culture Festival shows Jeju's traditions

* This article is written by a Korean middle school student.The Tamna Culture Festival is held every year for the purpose of sharing and educating the Jeju residents and foreigner about the history of

Haenyeo, people we should know and preserve

* This article is written by a Korean middle school student.There are many traditional things in Jeju we must preserve and pass on for the next generation and one of most important things is Haenyeo c

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