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Guardians of Jeju’s heritage
Winter events for Jeju 2015
Getting around the city: Jeju bus tours
Picking Jeju’s tangerine crop
Jeju City day tours
8 million won boost for the Jeju environment

8 million won boost for the Jeju environment

Jeju Special Self-Governing Province is to inject 8.1 billion won in environmental conservation to safeguard Jeju’s environmental assets for 2015.1.4 billion won will go toward seven eco-tourism proje
Another big year for cruise tourism

Another big year for cruise tourism

As many as 590,000 cruise tourists visited Jeju in 2014, again breaking all previous records and confirming Jeju as the most popular port of call in Asia.A total of 16 ships arrived on 242 occasions.C
Disposal bags gain support

Disposal bags gain support

Almost nine out of 10 people now support the use of waste disposal bags the Ministry of the Environment has announced after holding a survey to ascertain support for improving enforcing bag use in was
Internet Stone Grandfather scheme seeks deserving islanders

Internet Stone Grandfather scheme seeks deserving islanders

Daum Kakao wants to spread stories of hope and is accepting social welfare wish nominations until Jan 31st with eligible beneficiaries including individuals or families resident on low incomes, and al
Saving a language on the edge

Saving a language on the edge

“How can you ignore your own language? It is a hidden treasure.”Jieun Kiaer is a lecturer in Korean language and linguistics at the University of Oxford and her book, “Jeju Language and Tales from the
Budget cuts amid Won’s vow to nurture nature, culture

Budget cuts amid Won’s vow to nurture nature, culture

Governor Won Hee-ryong put nature, culture and people at the heart of his vision for 2015 despite rows continuing over his budget proposals. Budget rowAfter the sharpest cuts in local history, the Min

Mechanization and marketing support for farmers

As part of measures to increase farm mechanization, Jeju province will subsidise farm machinery to offset decreasing rural labor power.An overhaul of cropping system is also underway to improve winter

2015 Jeju Myth and Culture Expo

2015 Jeju Myth and Culture ExpoICC Jeju, JungmunJan 17-18064-741-8783

50 years of solidarity

This is a promotional article for the National Agricultural Cooperative Federation (NACF). Over a half century ago, only two years after its founding in 1961, the National Agricultural Cooperative Fed

7th Heaven: Jeju's must-see sights

Daepo Jusangjeolli CliffThe cliffs at Daepo-dong, Seogwipo City are among the most spectacular in all of Jeju and even Korea. Here you can find well-developed columnar joints formed by the flow of lav

Saebasi redefines MICE in first global conference in Asia

With the tagline of “Time to change the world, 15 minutes” the Saebasi conference was held on Nov. 20 to 21 at ICC Jeju.“People who change the world” shared their “innovations for the world” in 15-min

“Big hands” of global animation fall in love with Jeju

At ASIA-EU Cartoon Connection 2014 at Jeju Haevichi hotel & resort, Jeju culture products received great interest from global buyers and producers from 23 countries.ASIA-EU Cartoon Connection is the o

Boxing heavyweights flock to Jeju

Jeju and the Korea Boxing Association hosted the 2014 AIBA (International Boxing Association (amateur)) conference from Nov. 9 to 15 at ICC Jeju.This was followed Nov. 13 to 25 by the AIBA Women’s Wor

International Symposium on Tea Science and Tea Culture 2014

Up to 200 of the world’s great scholars participated in the Korean Tea Society’s 20th anniversary symposium.Jeju Special Self-Governing Province Agricultural Research and Extension Services and Jeju G

Jeju increases chances of holding radiology conference

Jeju Convention Briefing Session invited the executive of the Korean Society of Radiology and affiliated societies to the WE Hotel over Nov. 21 to 22. The executive was introduced to the facilities av

ACPP 2017 brought to Jeju!

Jeju Convention & Visitors Bureau confirms that the Asian Conference on Plant Pathology 2017 (ACCP 2017) will be held on Jeju.ACCP 2017 is expected to attract 1,000 pathologists from about 30 countrie
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