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Things you should know when buying a bus card on Jeju
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승인 2017.08.22  15:38:36
페이스북 트위터

Taking a bus on Jeju is super simple.

In fact, if you live in Seoul or another city in Korea you will likely not have any problem adjusting to taking a bus on Jeju. Simply swipe your card on the way onto the bus and on the way off.

However, if you don’t live in Korea there are a few things that you should know. The most important thing is that while it is possible to pay by cash, it is much easier if you use a bus card.

As well as making things easier, quicker, and slightly cheaper, bus cards also have the added benefit of allowing you to make free transfers within 40 minutes.

If you are coming to Jeju to travel and you think you will be using the bus a lot, it is also possible to buy a tour card that can give you unlimited travel for the length of your stay.

In the rest of the article, we will introduce the different types of cards you can buy as well as give you some basic Korean sentences you can use to buy the card.

1. M-pass: Unlimited travel during your stay

The M-pass is super useful bus card that you can use on buses in Jeju as well as on the subway in Seoul (Lines 1-9, AREX Line, Incheon Line).

The M-pass allows unlimited travel during of your stay for a set price, this makes it really useful if you are planning to travel to many different locations on Jeju. As well as this, the longer your stay, the cheaper the per day cost becomes.

You can buy an M-pass for anything from one day of travel to an entire week. Here are the prices:

If you want to buy one of these cards, you can purchase it at the information desk at Jeju International Airport

2. Korea Tour Card (코리아투어카드): Exclusive discounts for foreign tourists

The Korea Tour Card is a bus card that offers many benefits for foreign travelers.

While the M-pass offers unlimited travel, the Korea Tour Card works like a standard bus card in that you must buy the card and then charge it up at convenience stores before using it.

The main difference between the Korea tour card though is that as well as offering discounts and deals at certain tourist attractions throughout Korea, if you have any money on your card at the end of your trip you are able to get a full refund as well as the deposit (4,000 won) paid for your card.

If you want to know more information, please check out the website below

3. T-money: Travel like a Korean

▲ Photo courtesy The Jeju Weekly

T-money is the standard bus card that people living in Korea use.

It allows users to transfer for free within 40 minutes and even offers a slight discount when compared to paying by cash.

T-money cards can be bought and charged at pretty much any convenience store on Jeju (including at the airport) as well as Jeju Banks and the bus terminal.

The cost of the card is 2,500 won although unlike the Korea Tour Card you will not get this money back.

▲ Photo courtesy The Jeju Weekly

4. How to ask for and charge a bus card

While most convenience store clerks will likely not have a problem understanding what you are after if you simply show them your bus card and money, if you want to be sure you can always try out some of these Korean sentences! (Or simply show them to the clerk.)

버스카드 주세요 - Beo-seu-ka-deu ju-se-yo (Give me a bus card)
만원 충전해주세요 - Man-won chung-jeon-hae-ju-se-yo (Please put 10,000 won on my card)

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