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The 10th Jeju Water World Forum wraps up successfully
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승인 2018.11.27  19:02:46
페이스북 트위터
▲ Summit talk at Jeju Water World Forum (Photo: Jeju Province Development Co.)

The 10th Jeju Water World Forum, co-hosted by UNESCO's Asia-Pacific Office and the Jeju Province Development Co. (President Oh Gyeong-su), was held successfully on Oct. 10 and Oct. 11. Over 300 domestic and foreign water experts attended the event.

On the second day, research was presented that showed how Jeju’s underground water can positively affect the drinker’s health. Research that suggested Jeju water can strengthen the drinker’s immune system was especially interesting to participants.

Prof. Jeong Gyu-sik from Kyungpook National University presented his paper on the "Discovery of Healthy and Valuable Water in Korea." Prof. Jeong introduced his findings on how water activates tissue regeneration and improves anti-oxidation. He recommended drinking more than two liters of water every day for the health benefits. After introducing policies from other countries that recommend certain levels of water consumption, Prof. Oh suggested that Korea should launch similar initiatives.

Next, Director Oh Sang-sil of Jeju Special Self-Governing Province Institute of Environment Research presented research that suggested the high natural mineral content in Jeju's underground water is effective for lowering blood sugar, fighting obesity, and strengthening the immune system. Minerals found in Jeju water include magnesium, silica, and vanadium.

Dr. Oh said, "The mineral content of underground water is lower than the mineral content in food. However, because the minerals are already dissolved in water, they are absorbed more effectively. Magnesium, silica, vanadium, and other minerals beneficial to health can combine to strengthen the immune system."

Dr. Jean-Christophe Maréchal of BRGM, the French Geological Survey, asserted that water resources must be protected because natural mineral water, including underground water, influences our psychological and physical health.

The topic of the third session was the protection of water resources and the sustainable management of water. The presenters all agreed that it is necessary to have an underground water management plan that takes Jeju's specific geology and ecology into account.

Following the sessions, experts from Korea and abroad gathered for the Summit Talk to discuss global cooperation through the Jeju Water World Forum.

▲ President Oh Gyeong-su at Jeju Province Development Co. is presenting at the forum. (Photo: Jeju Province Development Co.)

Chaired by Prof. Yun Seung-jun of Seoul National University, the Talk began when President Oh Gyeong-su of Jeju Province Development Co. announced the promotional strategy for the future of the forum. This was announced in commemoration of Jeju Water World Forum's 10th anniversary.

He said, "During the past 10 years, Jeju Water World Forum has become an arena for sharing the gravity of the problems of the world’s water as well as the knowledge required to resolve these issues. It also explored the direction of advancement in the global water industry."

Oh added, "By strengthening the partnership with international institutes as well as domestic and foreign agencies, we will catapult Jeju Water World Forum into a platform of water security and value-adding platform for the Asia Pacific region."

Ending with the Summit Talk, the Forum was a space to discuss the promotion of Jeju's water, as well as the preservation and management of water resources in the midst of climate change.

Successful outcomes from the forum include the partnership with UNESCO and the close cooperation and in-depth communication between domestic and foreign research institutions.

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