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Rest this Afternoon!Relax at Snoopy’s Garden
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승인 2021.02.14  12:06:29
페이스북 트위터
▲ Photo=Snoopy Garden

Snoopy, the widely beloved character created by American cartoonist Charles Schulz, landed in Jeju last summer. Located in Songdang-ri, Gujwa-eup, Snoopy Garden is an 83,000 square-meter park that harmoniously reproduces episodes from Peanuts in the climate and vegetation of Jeju’s middle mountainous region. The garden was designed to offer different relaxation types that vary over seasons and times of the day.

The central motto of this place is the phrase, “Rest this Afternoon!” hanging at the entrance. It is a quote from the original cartoon: “Learn from yesterday, live for today, look to tomorrow, and rest this afternoon.” Perhaps because the garden is so faithful to the idea of meditation and rest, even the previously indifferent onlookers who used to think it’s “just another tourist theme park” find themselves entirely immersed once they step inside. It’s the power of well-balanced content and storytelling that brings people and greenery together.

▲ Photo=Snoopy Garden

The park consists of an indoor space where you can learn about the relationship between the Peanuts characters and an outdoor garden for viewing unique Jeju plants. Visitors will also encounter 11 Peanuts episodes about daily life, adventures, challenges, worries, courage, and love.

Snoopy Garden is located in Songdang-ri of eastern Jeju, which is a major transportation hub and has a good distribution of oreum. It is known for abundant resources such as trees, soil, and rocks. Due to the particular climate of the middle mountainous region with lots of wind and rain, it is home to Jeju’s native species and other unusual species that thrive in middle mountainous regions.

▲ Photo=Snoopy Garden

Utilizing such resources, climate, other and regional characteristics to their fullest, Snoopy Garden visitors can experience diverse forms of relaxation as they appreciate the changing scenery of nature over different seasons and times of the day.

The indoor theme hall is designed for viewers to discover and empathize with the Peanuts characters through episodes featuring their relationships and daily life. In total, five theme halls are dedicated to introducing the process of writing Peanuts and behind-the-scenes stories that were not widely known before.

▲ Photo=Snoopy Garden

The garden offers a wide variety of entertainment facilities, such as a courtyard, rooftop garden, Peanuts store, and Cafe Snoopy. Visitors can experience both nature and Peanuts content wherever they are.

Set in Jeju’s nature, the outdoor garden is a space that features the main episodes from Peanuts. Through Peanuts characters, it empowers visitors to take care of their own well-being through nature, as an extension of caring for flowers and trees.

▲ Photo=Snoopy Garden

“As they appreciate how nature changes each season, we hope Snoopy Garden can remind the importance of social relationships through Snoopy and his friends, providing hearty consolation to the distressed visitors,” said an associate of Snoopy Garden.

▲ Photo=Snoopy Garden

“Snoopy Garden will strive to offer a relaxing space in nature for all visitors to enjoy different types of relaxation as they free themselves from daily worries and concerns, and even find joy in doing so.”


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