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Time runs out on Gangjeong protest camp
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승인 2011.09.12  21:08:48
페이스북 트위터
▲ 1. Two pups, residents of the Jungdeok, Gangjeong village anti-naval base protesters’ camp roam freely in the morning of Aug. 30 while the majority of their human companions sleep.2. Children of protesters play with dogs they said belong to the base camp, in the protesters communal dining tent.3. The southern coast of Jungdeok from the protesters’ tent where they greeted Olle hikers and spoke to them about their cause.4. Inside the tent where many protesters slept.5. The dining tent during lunch time on Aug. 30.6. The road leading from Jungdeok into Gangjeong, Seogwipo City. The protesters had placed a portable office and other structures in the way, preventing the Navy from cutting off the road by extending their wall.Photos by Darryl Coote

After years of fighting over the plan and execution of a naval base on Jeju Island, events unfolded in rapid succession last Friday when the protester camp at Gangjeong village, Seogwipo City was swiftly cut off by approximately 600 police officers.

Thirty-five people were detained under an Aug. 29 court-ordered injunction against interference with construction at the site of the base.

The following day, Play Play Gangjeong Play, a cultural festival planned in advance of the police action in the area was attended by a 2,000-strong contingent of protesters and participants from the mainland and around the island, and were met with a heavy police presence. Events included an Olle walk on Course No. 7 (which would have passed by the protesters’ camp if a steel wall had not be erected), a concert with eight performances, and other activities. A planned event in Jungdeok, the location of the naval-base construction site was cancelled due to being on Navy property. Participation was not possible.

Now, behind a newly completed steel fence, work that was halted in June has resumed.

▲ 1. Riot police block the road to the Jungdeok three-way intersection during the early morning of Sept. 2.2. Protest leader Ko Kwon Il, chained to a scaffold tower, looks down as police attempt to dismantle the protesters’ camp.3. A protester stands above the confrontation between protesters and police.4. Protesters and riot police clash during the early morning of Sept. 2 in Gangjeong village, Seogwipo City, the location of the naval base construction site.5. Anti-naval base protesters lie on the ground in an attempt to prevent the police from removing them.Photos by Ko Seung Min

What follows is a photo essay from the days before the camp was shut down. You can find a first-person account by Jeju traveler Sean de Waal, who stayed at the camp, on page 5.

The photographers, in order of appearance of their work, are staff reporter Darryl Coote, university student Ko Seung Min, assistant editor Alpha Newberry, and contributing writer Douglas MacDonald. — Ed.

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