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Jeju Island resolves to tackle high-concentration fine dustThe province will open 30 projects, including support for discarding old diesel vehicles
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승인 2019.03.12  09:09:00
페이스북 트위터

The Jeju Special Self-Governing Province plans to respond with counter disaster-level measures in the event of high concentrations of fine dust.

In accordance with the Special Law on the Control of Fine Dust Reduction ('19.02.15), fine dust management and abatement ordinances will be enacted in the first half of this year. Expected measures include restrictions on high-emission vehicles in the event of emergency pollution alerts, two-tier vehicle system for public institutions, arrangement in operation hours for high-emission businesses, etc.

The standards for ordering emergency abatement measures are as follows.
① On the day (D-1) PM2.5 Over 50㎍/㎥ (average of 0~16 h), Following day (D) PM2.5 Over 50㎍/㎥ (Forecast)
② On the day (D-1) Notice · Alert announcement (0~16 o'clock, one or more alert zones), following day (D) PM2.5 exceeding 50㎍/㎥ (forecast)
③ Following day (D) PM2.5 exceeding 75㎍/㎥ (forecast)

The province first aims to reduce the concentration of exhaust gas, which is a traffic pollution source and the main emission source in the province, in order to reduce fine dust. In order to achieve this, the province aims to spend 4.8 billion won for the discarding of 2,050 old vehicles manufactured prior to December 31, 2005, engine repair for 100 gasoline vehicles, new purchases of 60 LPG freight vehicles, conversion of 33 school buses to LPG, and PM-NOx reduction for 50 vehicles.

In order to remove dust from the road, 17 sprinklers and 12 road cleaning vehicles, 27 vehicles in total will be additionally purchased, which will increase the number of sprayers and road sweepers in operation. In addition, to expand the distribution of eco-friendly cars such as electric cars, the government will provide a total of 88.1 billion dollars for 7,142 eco-friendly cars including 5,957 electric cars, 1,142 electric bicycles, and 43 electric cars for public use.

In order to curb the generation of fine dust in air discharge facilities and dust producing facilities, plans will be made to strengthen the intensive guidance and inspection of 1,400 sites from October to April, and to adjust operating hours when emergency measures are announced.

In order to protect the fine dust-sensitive demographic, 125 air purifiers were purchased at 62 elderly care facilities, and it was decided to create a rest space using air-purifying plants and to remove asbestos (705 locations) as a cause of fine dust.

In addition, in order to create the infrastructure for fine dust management, it is necessary to additionally expand the air monitoring network (5 → 6 sites), the road air pollution monitoring network (6 → 7 sites) and air quality measuring devices (64 → 80 sites). Active response units will be operated during alerts. In order to improve the effect of fine dust reduction through planting projects in public parks and nearby areas in urban areas, 173ha (20,000 trees) of land will be used to create urban forests.

The province also plans to promote the use of electric bulletin boards and various civil education programs in order to increase participation in the reduction of fine dust in the private sector. A consultative body will be formed, in which institutional organizations participate and self-participatory action plans to reduce fine dust are implemented.

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