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Not just a room with a viewA resort that has more to offer than a simple getaway
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승인 2009.11.12  15:16:27
페이스북 트위터

Accommodation series-2

▲ Most may have chosen to vacation at Olle Resort because of the view, but they decide to return again and again due to the luxurious amenities and its one of a kind atmosphere. Photo courtesy Olle Resort & Spa.

Olle Resort and Spa has something all industries within the accommodation realm wish they could attain; a recession proof business. Open since 2006 the luxurious pension still requires guests to reserve their room three months in advance. Remarkably, this 53 room resort, which sits on a hill overlooking the Pacific on the north side of Halla Mountain also shares space with hundreds of other pensions lining the shore road.

Hyun Sung-su, manager of the resort, says the competition between pensions and condos in the area is fierce, but Olle Resort has managed to stay a cut above the rest by creating an authentic tranquil environment. And indeed it has. There are three buildings at the resort, each offering a different style to cater to varying interest of its guests.

There is the private villa ‘Laonville’, the two-story ‘Edenville’, and ‘Treville,’ all offering a private Jacuzzi, a large flat screen TV and individually decorated rooms. Hyun says the owners studied architecture and design and traveled all over China and other parts of the world looking for inspiration before deciding on the concept for the resort, which is an earthy, yet elegant vintage décor.

Upon entering the room, the guest is greeted by a uniquely designed wooden door—beautifully welcoming the room’s new occupant with a visually heavy and protective appeal. All tables and chairs were individually crafted, as well as the linens and other wooden features displayed. The floors and walls, following the earthy theme, are wood as well. Some rooms offer walls of warm green and red tile and exposed brick, while others are white with darkened pine trim.

The base price for a room, complete with full kitchen, is around 250,000 won. The more luxurious quarters, offering private indoor heated pools and the occasional fireplace, peak at around 600,000 won a night. The ocean can be seen from all the guestrooms and internet facilities, breakfast, and tea are complimentary. If more than one night is spent at the resort a free foot massage is offered at the on-site spa, which smells overwhelming refreshing of lavender and mint. Full body and face massages are offered as well.

The owners of Olle are Jeju natives, so traces of island culture are dotted about the resort, but the overall feeling of the pension is less Korean and more of a natural, yet elegant classic décor. Hyun says that the majority of their guests come from Korea, Japan and China, and the occasional Westerner, with most returning for a second or sometimes even a third stay.

Though the price may seem high the luxurious facilities and the serene ambiance are worth every won. Cast against the back drop of Halla Mountain, with the Ocean at the foot of you door, Olle Resort is a perfect destination for a memorable and relaxing holiday.

▲ The luxurious Olle Resort & Spa has a soothing atmosphere crafted through masterfully combining modern amenities with accents of Jeju culture throughout the rooms that help create a relaxing and unforgettable holiday. Photos courtesy Olle Resort & Spa

Additional Facilities
Outdoor pool, barbecue, restaurants, convenience store, gallery, seminar room, DVD, book rental shop, laptop rental.

From the Jeju International Airport, follow National Highway #12 for 20 min and take the Hagwi/Aewol Road across the street from the Hagwi King Mart, and enter the Olle Resort & Spa. Call 064 799 7770

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