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Green growth at heart of Won’s 2015 visionGovernor’s plans for next year announced as he seeks to make his mark in office
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승인 2014.11.28  11:37:13
페이스북 트위터

▲ Governor Won set out his 2015 vision at Jeju Provincial Office. Photo courtesy Jeju Provincial Government

Governor Won Hee-ryong took office in June this year with an impressive victory in the gubernatorial election. After five months in office he is now seeking to make his mark and released his vision for 2015 on Nov. 15 at Jeju Provincial Council.

Won’s first months have been dominated by issues such as overseas investment, the Korea-China FTA and the continued growth of Jeju’s renewable energy industries. His address touched on all of these and is summarized below.

The budget has been increased by 2.3 billion won to 3.8 trillion won and areas to benefit include culture, safety and the creative economy.

Jeju International Airport
The airport issue is regarded as crucial for future growth and a Ministry of Trans-portation and Land report will be submitted next October before a decision on expansion or relocation is made.

Korea-China FTA
The province was successful in excluding 11 fish and farm products, including tangerines, from the FTA.
Won said he would provide a fund of 70 million won to support exports from small and medium-sized businesses.

He will also support agricultural market competitiveness and address public concern around the FTA through the “Local Food Plan 2020” for safety and a system to ensure price and production stability.

Tourism industry
Won has plans to make Jeju the foremost tourism destination for long-term recuperation with benefits reaching all of Jeju’s people with improved eco-healing programs, festivals, MICE events and leisure sports.

He will also oversee continued expansion into untapped markets such as India, Indonesia, Vietnam and Russia.

Investment environment
Won has reiterated pledges to ensure Jeju is an attractive investment option for sound investors all around the world. To alleviate citizens’ concerns, however, he vowed to ensure such investment is fully transparent and focused on boosting traditional industries and employment.

Carbon-free 2030
Won will continue support for electric vehicles (EVs), wind power and promote R&D and convergence of high-tech industries.

He pledged to make Jeju an “Electric Car Specialized Zone” and said 40 percent of all nationwide distribution of EVs will be on Jeju from next year. This will allow Jeju to become a global leader with expansion to buses, taxis and rental cars, alongside car-sharing schemes and leasing for businesses.

Won also stated that Jeju’s wind can become like oil in economic impact, and once current plans are finalized wind power capacity will reach 350 MW on land and 2 GW at sea, providing all of Jeju’s electricity.

Culture is the power of a nation and an engine of growth, said Won, and it is the key word for 2015. Through the creation of specialized creative zones, Jeju culture and language will be promoted to “globalize Tamna culture.”

Other areas
The governor also vowed to improve social welfare to create a healthy society, improve lifelong learning opportunities and make Jeju a “safe city.” He also said he will continue to work with Gangjeong villagers for peaceful coexistence and the unity of Jeju.

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