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The Last Jeju: A Nationwide Photo Exhibition
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승인 2020.03.17  09:20:22
페이스북 트위터

Jeju’s original environment is disappearing at a rapid rate as the islanders’ peaceful lives are threatened by tourism development and military base problems. The residents faced the cold reality after experiencing events like the second airport problem and the destruction of Bijarim road.

If we do not prevent these days of destruction, the future of our island may also be in jeopardy. Even more frightening is that this isn’t only happening in Jeju.
Jeju residents are waking up to this reality through the exhibition of the sad truth about their island.

“The story of a small village and a small grove will add up the puzzle pieces of our fears,” said Project Jeju: Last Jeju’s planning group. “This is also the reason why we intend to display the exhibition in a bookstore, a place that tells stories and makes stories,” they added. The exhibition consists of four sections: 1) The Last Jeju: The Lost Village, Gangjeong; 2) The Last Jeju: The Drive-By Forest, Bijarim-ro; 3) The Last Jeju: Oreum and Migratory Birds, and 4) The Last Jeju: the Villages of Middle Mountainous Area.

“Project Jeju” is the name of a project group that seeks to create a public forum for citizens, in consideration of Jeju's overdevelopment and military issues—Jeju's second airport, in particular—and recognizing that the problem of Jeju society is not just a matter within the island.
Each time a project is planned, the organizing staff change, and a pool of members serve as volunteers to host events that continue to address problems in Jeju.
Project Jeju is organizing a nationwide bookstore photo exhibition this time. They are exhibiting photos they received from Jeju.

The title of the exhibition is “The Nationwide Bookstore Photo Exhibition to Protect Jeju: The Last Jeju.”
The content of the exhibition is divided into four sections that discuss Jeju's overdevelopment, military bases, villages, and the second airport issues, which involve locations such as Gangjeong, Bijarim-ro, Seongsan, and middle mountainous villages.
The exhibition will be held from February 29, 2020 to May 15, 2020.

■Participating bookstores
Picture book & cafe Yellow Umbrella(그림책방&카페 노란우산), , Flying Butterfly Bookstore(나비날다책방), Neighborhood Bookstore Soom(동네책방숨), Natural Science Bookstore Dongju(자연과학책방 동주), Meonae Bookstore Space Boy(머내책방우주소년), Book Salon Imago(북살롱이마고), Bookstore Kafka(서점카프카), Small Bookstore in the Woods(숲속작은책방), Workshop Room & Small Bookstore ZEROHUNDRED(워크샵룸&작은서점 ZEROHUNDRED), Chouni Chaeg(조은이책), Books and Children(책과아이들), Bookstore Ladle and Spatula(책방국자와주걱), Musa Books(책방무사), Chaeg-Yagbang(책약방), Books Eum(책방이음), Bookstore Todaktodak(책방토닥토닥), Book Gallery_Papasite(북갤러리_파파사이트), Peace Books(피스북스)

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