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A Festival of Communication and Harmony of Jejuites in the World, ‘2021 Semi-Global Jejuin Hub Network'
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승인 2021.10.12  17:53:11
페이스북 트위터

The ‘2021 Semi-Global Jejuin Hub Network,’ which is a festival of communication and harmony for Jejuin currently living in various parts of the world, closed its curtains on October 5.

This event, which was sponsored by Jeju Special Self-governing Province and hosted by the Global Jejuin Convention Organizing Committee, was held concurrently online and offline such as being broadcast live via YouTube channels.

Acting governor of Jeju Special Self-governing Province Koo Man-seop said in his welcoming address at the opening ceremony, “The love of Jejuin for their hometown is the pillar for creating a healthy Jeju community,” as he expressed his respect and appreciation to people from Jeju who are writing new pages in the history of proud Jejuin in different corners of the world.

He continued saying, “This Semi-Global Jejuin Hub Network is an opportunity to communicate with Jejuin who are making huge strides in different sectors in various countries around the world, and to once again witness the pride of Jejuin,” He added, “I hope that this event will serve as the starting point for sharing wisdom and experiences, elevating the capacities of Jejuin, and opening the doors to the wholesome future of Jeju.”

This event was held under the theme ‘One Jejuin, Connecting to the Future of Jeju’ and 16 speakers from home and abroad held presentations and discussions on various topics surrounding the main theme of Jejuin and the hometown of Jeju through three separate sessions.

The main programs were △Jeju Island Diaspora Forum △Next Generation, Jeju Youth Session △Global Jejuin Talk Show △Hope Picket Contest.

After the opening ceremony on the first day, an event was held to remember and repay the first generation of Jejuin living in Japan who practiced love for their hometown for the development of Jeju despite having rough lives in foreign lands back when life was difficult in Jeju. Four people were selected for their exceptional contributes and they were given plaques of appreciation.

▲ Jeju Island Diaspora Forum

At the ‘Jeju Island Diaspora Forum’ that was held afterwards, Professor Kim Yong-min at the University of Washington gave the keynote address under the title, ‘Quo Vadis, Jeju.'

This was followed by presentations by DSME Construction Chairman Kim Yong-bin, Seoul National University Honorary Professor Jeon Kyung-soo, Jeju Residents Association in Japan President Yang Il-hoon, and Park Sang-uk of the Jeju Residents Association in Shanghai (EnE Bridge China, HR Consulting Supervisor).

On the second day, the stories of key figures from Jeju who are demonstrating their capacities in different parts of the world were told through the ‘Next Generation, Jeju Youth Session’ and ‘Global Jejuin Talk Show.’

The Global Jejuin Hub Network is held every four years, and in order to ensure continuity of the convention, semi-conventions are held two years following the main convention.

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