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Jejueco Suites is ‘Jeju-ish’ to the coreNatural and peaceful award-winning suites embody the owner’s love for the island and nature
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승인 2015.03.13  11:01:48
페이스북 트위터
▲ Pick fresh oranges in the Jejueco Suites orchard. Photo courtesy Jejueco Suites

This is a promotional article for Jejueco Suites.

A life full of plans and stress is almost unavoidable nowadays, as we carry the weight of the world on our shoulders and soldier on. But there is a man out there who says he has found the answer, and that is to be near Jeju’s refreshing nature.

This man is from Russia, and his name is Victor Ryashentsev. He believes from his heart that Jeju greatest value is its sublime nature and he admires it sincerely. Victor settled here with his wie and has run his own tour agency for 10 years, also launching Jejueco Suite in 2012, a resort which perfectly embodies his philosophy in Jungmun, Seogwipo City.

▲ Enjoy a relaxing bbq with family and friends in the Jejueco Suites grounds. Photo courtesy Jejueco Suites

Through kindness and eco-friendly comfort, Jejueco Suites aims for maximum visitor satisfaction while also having minimal impact on the local environment.

Natasha, Victor’s wife, is a painter and she helped bring his ideas to life through her designs and Jejueco Suites accordingly shows an unmistakable love for nature and Jeju, and it is for this reason that it is recommended for anyone who wants to feel thoroughly “Jeju-ish.”

Don’t take out word for it, as the bed and breakfast was awarded the TripAdvisor Travellers' Choice Award for its superior service. Its steady stream of visitors take particularly pleasure in the beautiful Jejueco Suites eco-garden, cared for by Victor’s own hands.

▲ Enjoy a fresh and healthy breakfast at Jejueco Suites. Photo courtesy Jejueco Suites

Jejueco Suites B&B offers two room types and all suites include separate bedrooms, a lounge/dining room, a bathroom and a balcony. The luxurious Jacuzzi Suites are also equipped with a balcony spa for those wanting to bathe in the evening air.

The Jeju Weekly Tips!

Tip 1: Foreigner-friendly travel
Jejueco is also perfect for international visitors and offers enjoyable travel packages so you can soak up all the “Jeju-ish” you can handle. Victor will even provide you with your own bespoke travel itinerary for groups up to 10, and even for lone travelers, so you needn’t have any worries at all if you are visiting from abroad.

▲ Comfortable interiors at Jejueco Suites. Photo courtesy Jejueco Suites

Tip 2: Muslim-friendly travel
As more and more visitors discover Jeju, the number of Muslims wanting to relax and unwind here is also increasing, and if you are a Muslim Jejueco Suites wants you to be fully satisfied with your stay.

To ensure maximum comfort we not only provide visitors with a compass to locate the direction for prayer, but we also serve vegetarian meat-free breakfasts. You can also use the clean cooking facilities to prepare your own food without any discomfort if you want to bring your own ingredients.

Every suites also includes a separate bedroom, bathroom and terrace, and the peaceful views are of the tangerine orchard cared for by the Jejueco Suites owner.

5% discount for bookings through The Jeju Weekly. To book call +82-64-738-9975 or email (Please quote this ad when booking to confirm 5% discount)

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