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“Now, Nothing is Undeliverable to Jeju”
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승인 2020.12.11  10:11:45
페이스북 트위터

“They won’t deliver because it’s Jeju?” The payment window popped up, and the discount coupon was applied, along with a special shipping fee much higher than other areas. Still, they just would not deliver to Jeju. This is something every Jeju resident has experienced at least once. Jeju Box, which participated in the first class of Jeju Free International City Development Center (JDC)’s Nanggeuneul program, is attracting attention by presenting a solution to Jeju’s delivery gap problem.

It is a logistics startup to deliver undeliverable goods and lower excessive logistics costs for Jeju residents.

First, they focused on the idle spaces in freight cars. More than 15,000 vehicles per month come to Jeju with goods, but 30% were empty on average. It was common for them to not fill 100% of the space due to lack of time. Jeju Box started filling this idle space with the “items that cannot be delivered to Jeju.” For freight cars, it reduces idle space every day, and Jeju residents can promptly receive various products they could not purchase before.

From fragile full-length mirrors to home appliances such as TVs and monitors, delivery of goods that had been previously given up for Jeju became possible through Jeju Box. Recently, proxy deliveries for Market Kurly products are also increasing in number. This is because even fresh foods can now be delivered to Jeju through the startup.

In addition to delivering a variety of products cheaper and faster, it meets all the needs of customers with dedicated managers who are specialized in logistics and respond effectively.

Recently, in collaboration with Danawa Computers, Jeju Box placed orders to deliver computers safely and quickly to schools across Jeju, including Udo and Marado Islands.

Jeju Box, which presented a new solution to the tolerance of island regions that no one could solve, took the championship at Youth Startup Pitching Day held in Silicon Valley last year. It confirmed that Jeju Box’s solution for empty spaces in freight cars in remote areas had great potential overseas beyond Korea.

Recognized for its possibility of growth, Jeju Box is trying to develop a shared logistics platform. They discovered that not only are there empty spaces in cars entering Jeju, but two out of three cars exiting the island are also empty. By sharing the idle space of freight cars, they are working hard to establish a structure where shippers can deliver quickly at low costs, and car owners can earn additional profit.

“We can affirm that there are no items that cannot be delivered through the Jeju box, including home appliances, furniture, and frozen foods. We can deliver via various means, such as cargo transport and air courier,” explained Jeju Box CEO Lee Hyun-gyeong.

Lee then emphasized, “We will strive to restore consumer rights and solve the problem of empty spaces, and start from the longtime difficulty that Jeju people have faced. We will do our best to become a shared logistics platform that benefits both shippers and car owners.”

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