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2014 International Day of Peace: “Jeju, Walking on the Peace Trail”Jeju regional awareness raising campaign on Sept. 20 at Gwandeokjeong
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승인 2014.09.03  13:37:36
페이스북 트위터

On the International Day of Peace on Sept. 21 the United Nations calls on nations, communities and individuals to renounce conflict and promote harmony. As part of regional awareness raising efforts, NGO Global Inner Peace is holding a peace walk across Jeju City.

The UN has set the theme for the day as the Right of Peoples to Peace, recognizing that peace and security are essential to the realization of fundamental rights and freedoms. Global Inner Peace, with support from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Jeju Special Self-Governing Province, has organized an educational walk to historic local sites associated with the Jeju Massacre, religious persecution and human security.

The organizers hope all Jeju citizens, including the growing international community, can come together on Saturday, Sept. 20 (the day prior to the international day) to learn more about the island's history and also to encourage intercultural understanding. A recurring theme of the walk will be how conflict around the world has increased persecution and human rights violations.

In a statement, Security General Ban Ki-moon said that people everywhere need to unite behind peace for the sake of humanity.

“History has shown that, no matter how fierce, conflict can end, peace can prevail and reconciliation can triumph. On 21 September, at concerts around the world -- in major cities and small towns, in conflict zones and peaceful communities – people will broadcast this essential message. They will celebrate the value of human diversity and the strength of our unity,” writes Ban.

The International Day of Peace was established in 1981 (although first observance was in 1982) by the United Nations General Assembly to coincide with its opening session on the third Tuesday of September. It was then set on Sept. 21 after a General Assembly vote in 2001.

2014 International Day of Peace: “Jeju, Walking on the Peace Trail”
Saturday, Sept. 20 9 a.m. ~ 12:30 p.m.

* The International Day of Peace is actually on Sunday, Sept. 21, but the walking event was brought forward to so there was no conflict with church-goers wanting to attend the walk.

Host: Korean Organizing Committee for UN International Day of Peace
Organizer: Global Inner Peace (based in Jeju)
Sponsors: Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Jeju Special Self-Governing Province
Partners: Jeju 4.3 Research Institution, Jeju University Institute of Peace, Jeju Culture Forum, Jeju Christian Broadcast System (CBS), Jeju Buddhism Journal, Jeju Catholic Route of Pilgrimage Committee.

9-9:30 a.m. Commemorative ceremony at Gwandeokjeong Square (video message of peace from UNSG Ban Ki-moon

9:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m. Peace Trail Walk from Gwandeokjung to Goneuldong Village

*Sites along the route relate to peace, human security, food security, the Jeju Massacre, religious suppression, Japanese colonization and more.
* There will be information tents and posters (English and Korean) at each site to introduce its historic importance to participants.

Route: Gwandeokjeong → Seojabok → Dongjabok → Mochoongsa → Kim Mandeok’s tombstone → Byeoldobong Oruem trekking → 4..3 Goneuldong Village (takes 2 to 3 hours)

To apply: Fill out the registration form here or email facebook@globalinnerpeace or
* Places are limited to 300 so apply early to avoid disappointment.

Global Inner Peace
♣Global Inner Peace is a non-profit organization established to make contributions in world peace and prosperity. It is the only international NGO registered on Jeju Island and they focus on activities that transcend nationality, as well as political, racial, religious
and cultural boundaries. Global Inner Peace’s goal is to build a global citizenship movement based in Jeju which tackles diverse global issues through inner growth.

For more information about Global Inner Peace email founder Koh Eun-Kyoung at

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