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A traveler's guide to Jeju's valleys and waterfalls
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페이스북 트위터

▲ Donnaeko Valley. Photo courtesy Jeju Special Self-Governing Province

This is The Jeju Weekly's guide to the most beautiful valleys and waterfalls across Jeju Island as featured in issue 94 of the paper. While not as known for its rivers and waterways as it is for its beaches and oreum, Jeju boasts a number of scenic wooded valleys that more than hold their own against other tourist sites. We hope you enjoy our guide and are inspired to take a walk in the woods.

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▲ Pages 12-13 of The Jeju Weekly #94

Tamna Valley

Location: Jeju City, Odeungdong (near the entrance to Gwaneumsa, Mt. Halla)

Transport: Jeju City Hall#1 busGwaneumsa bus stop (35 min) Seogwipo Intercity Terminal5.16 busJeju International University (1 hr 20 min)

Notes: On the upper reaches of the Hancheon (river) on the north face of Mt. Halla. It is divided into east and west, with the mysterious and grand Ikki Falls to the east. ★★★★

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Bangseonmun Valley

Location: Jeju, Oradong

Transport: Jeju Intercity Terminal# 5 busAgricultural Research Center (40 min)Seogwipo Intercity Terminal Jungmun Express busJeju Intercity Terminal# 5 busAgricultural Research Center (1hr 30 min)

Festival: In May, Bangseonmun Festival

Notes: Located midway up-the Hancheon, the longest river in Jeju, this valley is included in the 10 most beautiful sites of Jeju. Bangseonmun boasts huge rocks with historical engravings and there are also beautiful woodland and valley walkways. A Joseon scholar named it as a gateway to the heavens. ★★★★

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Musucheon Valley

Location: Jeju City, Gwangryeongri

Transport: SeogwipoPyeonghwaro bus Musucheon (1 hr 10 min)

Jeju City Hall # 887 busMusucheon (40 min)

Notes: Close to the city, the “Musu” river (Musucheon) is so called because it eases people’s worries. The waterfalls falls are 1600 meters above the sea level on Mt. Halla, which looks like a work of art. Among other attractions, there are eye-catching skull-like rocks. ★★★★☆

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Andeok Valley

Location: Seogwipo Andeok-myeon, Gamsan-ri

Transport: Jeju Intercity TerminalSeoilju busAndeok Valley (1 hr 30 min)

Seogwipo Intercity TerminalSeoilju bus Andeok Valley (40 min)

Notes: Named as the most beautiful valley in Jeju, Chusa Kim Jeong-hee, a renowned Joseon-era scholar, used to visit here for contemplation. In spring and fall, you can do light trecking and in summer, you can swim under the cool shade of the forest. ★★★★★

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Cheonjeyeon Falls

Location: Seogwipo, Saekdaldong

Transport: Jeju Intercity TerminalJungmungosok busJungmun Tourist Complex entrance (1 hr 10 min)

Seogwipo Intercity TerminalJungmungosok busJungmun Tourist Complex entrance (20 min)

Notes: This fall’s name was put after king’s pond, and a story recounts how seven fairies took care of the king by playing in the pond every night. There are three parts to the falls: upper, middle and lower. Extremely rare Korean plants grow in this habitat. ★★★★

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Eongtto Falls

Location: Seogwipo, Gangjeongdong

Transport: Jeju Intercity Terminal Jungmun Express bus Seogwipo Library # 1 bus Kang Changhak Sports Center (1 hr 30 min)

Seogwipo Intercity Terminal # 1 bus Kang Changhak Sports Center (20 min)

Notes: This is a 50-meter high falls surrounded by fantastically shaped rocks and subtropical evergreens. On ordinary days it is just a cliff but when it rains it turns into a waterfall. Not many people visit this place as it is not well known. Eongtto means big pond in Jeju dialect. ★★★★

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Cheonjiyeon Falls

Location: Seogwipo, Seogwidong

Transport: Jeju Intercity Terminal 5.16 bus Dongmun Rotary (1hr 20 min)

Seogwipo Intercity Terminal Dongilju bus Dongmun Rotary (20 min)

Notes: Compared to other Jeju falls, the most tourists visit here due to their beauty and convenient location. Various rocks of fantastic shapes combine with evergreens and subtropical plants give the landscape true beauty. ★★★★★

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Jeongbang Falls

Location: Seogwipo, Donghongdong

Transport: Jeju Intercity Terminal5.16 busDongmun Rotary (1 hr 20 min)

Seogwipo Intercity TerminalDongilju busDongmun Rotary (20 min)

Notes: The only ocean waterfall in Asia, Jeongbang Waterfall is gorgeous when seen in summer. Seobok, who traveled to Jeju to seek Mt. Halla, found the falls astonishing. Mun and Seop Islands can be seen from the falls. ★★★★

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Donnaeko Valley

Location: Seogwipo, Sanghyodong

Transport: Jeju Intercity Bus Terminal5.16 busungang Rotary3 busCitizen Tourist Complex (1 hr 20 min)

Seogwipo Jungang Rotary# 3 busIndustrial Complex (30 min)

Notes: Clean water from Mt. Halla, fresh air, and great scenery ensure many people swim or hike here. The name ‘Donnnaeko’ recalls the wild pigs that used to drink from the water here. A parking lot and camping site is available. ★★★★

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Hyodoncheon Valley

Location: Seogwipo, Namwon-eup, Harye-ri

Transport: Jeju Intercity TerminalNamjoro busDure Ville (1 hr 30 min)

SeogwipoDongilju busDure Ville (40 min)

Notes: Hyodoncheon is the river that flows through Donnaeko Valley. As the Hancheon represents Jeju City, the Hyodoncheon represents Seogwipo City. The Hyodoncheon flows from Mt. Halla to Sanbeoleunae. ★★★★

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