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What will stay open and what will be closed during Chuseok?
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승인 2017.09.26  13:55:05
페이스북 트위터

As I'm sure most of our readers know by now, there will be a 10-day break coming up due to Chuseok. The break will start on Saturday, Sept. 30 and run all the way through until Monday, Oct. 9.

Of course, this means that many of you are likely to be wondering about what else will close during this period. Luckily, apart from government-related offices and banks, most places will be open for at least some of the break.

Here is a look at what will close and what will stay open during Chuseok.

Public Schools: Closed

First, and perhaps most importantly given the high number of teachers in public schools throughout Korea, is that all public schools should be shut during the entire ten-day period. This means that you should be able to enjoy your vacation without any distractions or worries about having to go to work.

Hagwons: Dependant on the business

If your contract states that you get red days off in your contract, you should get all the standard public holiday days off. Unfortunately, however, while most hagwons will give teachers the original red days off, not all of them seem to be giving their students and teachers the extra vacation day on Oct. 2.

Supermarkets: Mostly open

Chuseok gift sets. Photo by Raus Kinnie

While most supermarkets will stay open for most of the vacation period, some of them may close for a day on Chuseok. Here on Jeju, for example, all three of the island's Emarts will be closed on Wednesday, Oct. 4.

However, the good news is that even if some supermarkets close for a day or two, they are unlikely to be shut for long.

Banks: Closed

It seems that, for the most part, banks will be shut throughout the entire Chuseok period. While you will still have access to ATMs, other bank services will be much harder to get a hold of.

Restaurants: Mostly open

Galbi on Jeju. Photo courtesy of The Jeju Weekly

As restaurants are private businesses, it is hard to say if they will close or not. It is likely that most restaurants will stay open to get custom during the break. Some of them will perhaps close for a day or two during Chuseok but many will likely remain open.

Immigration Offices: Closed

As the immigration office is a government department they will stay closed for the entire holiday period. Because of this, it would be best to get any problems sorted in advance of the vacation period.

Local Government Offices: Closed

Just like the immigration office, your local government office will be shut during the Chuseok vacation period.

Bars: Mostly Open

Much like restaurants, this will depend on the bar. However, the large majority of bars will likely either stay open throughout the Chuseok vacation period or close for only a day or two.

Airports: Open

▲ Photo by Jonas Edoff

It probably goes without saying that airports will be open throughout the Chuseok vacation period. Good luck getting a ticket though, as tickets to and from Jeju have been pretty much sold out for months.

Public Transport: Open

▲ A bus on Jeju. Photo by Duncan Elder

On Jeju, buses will run throughout Chuseok. However, you should be careful as many buses may run a slightly reduced service during the official holidays.

Post Office: Closed

Unfortunately for those who need to use the mail, Post Offices throughout Korea will be closed during the Chuseok vacation period. If you need something to arrive before or during Chuseok, your best bet will be getting it done as early as possible or use a next day delivery service on Sept. 28.

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